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2. about a world of robot wars

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon the japanese robots otaku

on 2006-03-25 14:36:08

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during all his life Jon always admired those japanese giants robots, since child he enjoyed a lot of the gundam and mazinger z anime series, he was a total otaku, and he's still one of them...

That night, Jon made his wish "i wish for a world where i can live adventures like the ones of the great anime robot pilots like Amuro Rey .."

that night Jon slept like a baby, eager to know how his wish affected the world, the next day, when Jon awakened ...

beep beep beep!!

a terrible noise comes from outside, it's the emergency alarm!.

"OMG!, i hope my wish did't do anything wrong"

Jon goes downstairs and finds that his house looks different, with lots of hi-tech stuff

"Mom, what's going on?"
"what's typical, Zeon is attacking again, and NERV reported that an angel is near, now go to the hangar and take your mobile suit"

Note: robots rocks!!!

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