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2. notes on birthday party

1. The Forum

notes on birthday party

on 2012-05-17 18:16:06

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Birthday party story I started is a collection of a few ideas I had for a while.

The first was a gathering of all Jon's friends (I hope I got them all). Jon usually hangs with Karyn and maybe one other so I thought this would be an interesting point to bring up.

It also allowed me to do a few other things.

Bickering as an excuse why Jon keeps such a small group of friends with him.

Bringing Pete's bisexuality to the forefront. It seems whenever Pete makes any wish he always ends up making love to Jon, regardless of what gender Jon is in.

Bringing up a slight Pete/Joseph rivalry, ion part because in the past these two have been sort of used almost interchangablly, in part as it feels like Pete has stolen Josephs spotlight.

It also allowed me to introduce a couple characters I made who I thought had potential. (I know, after all my merging characters became canon this is too much to ask for).

Wendy Werner as the non-evil antagonist. The girl who has an annoying crush on Jon and annoys him out of love not hate.

Marcus the adopted son of Jon's gay neighbors (from the sexuality swap story). I am unsure on Marcus sexuality but am leaning straight, but as a latino guy and a guy who will stand up for gay rights he is sort of a unique niche no other character has. I sort of picture him as fit bodied and athletic but he needs not be that way.

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