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2. To hyral, About the Sarahficat

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To hyral, About the Sarahfication Story

avatar on 2012-04-29 11:53:33

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I like your part of the story, but I noticed a continuity error in the episode Sarahfication: Day 5. You state that Jon has AA-cup breasts, but in a previous episode, by wokka, (Sarahfication: Lunchtime), it's stated that he has a significant pair of breasts, and that was three days earlier. I'm not a girl, but I'm pretty sure that AA-cup breasts aren't considered "significant" breasts. In wokka's episode, Karyn makes it sound as if they're really noticeable, even under Jon's baggy shirt.

Sorry about this. I know people hate it when things like this get pointed out.

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