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2. The Haunted House

1. You Are What You Wish

a dare, a scare, and some added flair

on 2006-03-09 07:39:47

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(this story arc was inspired by a haunted house idea someone else suggested on the forum)

The next day Jon and Karyn were walking through the halls of the school. Jon was hurrying to class and Karyn was hurrying to keep up with him. In his haste Jon turned to his head to talk to Karyn. But before he could say anything WHAM! he ran into someone, someone solid.

Jon looked up to see the eyes of Jack, the captain of the football team glaring down at him. Sarah McMillan the head cheerleader, Jack's girlfriend, and Karyn's nemesis was standing right next to him.

"Watch where you're going wimp!" Jack growled.

"Hey look, he has his loser girlfriend with him". Sarah added.

"HEY! I am NOT a wimp, and Karyn is NOT a loser! Take that back!" Jon said.

"Oh yeah! Want to make something of it?" Jack said.

"she'd not your girlfriend either" Sarah added trying to rub it in.

"Just ignore them" Karyn whispered into jon's ear.

"No, I don't want to make anything of it, lets go" Jon said and started to turn away.

"Hey, maybe you're not a wimp Jon, maybe you're just a coward!" Jack shouted.

Jon turned around, the taunting got to him. "I am NOT a coward and I can proove it."

"Oh yeah, then fight me after school!" Jack said.

"I will not stoop to your level, but I will prove I am not a coward!" Jon shouted.

"You're too chicken to fight me, that proves it to me. But if you really want to prove your bravery you can show me how brave you are by sleeping in the old Hutchinson house." Jack said. "unless you are too scared too."

Jon shuddered, the old Hutchinson residence was an old, abandoned, victorian style house, reputed to be haunted.

"Ok I'll do it!" Jon said.

A smirk crossed Karyn's face. "If Jon is such a wimp how are you going to proove he stayed their all night, after all he could just chicken out, or stay until you leave, go home, then return in the morning and claim to stay the night."

Now the worried look crossed Sarah's face. "Oh crap, the loser girl is right. We'll have to stay their too just to make sure they do it! It's all dirty, and full of cobwebs."

"Not to mention the ghosts." Karyn added.

"Their's no such thing, not that coward boy will beleive that when he runs off in terror". Jack said. Jack was already thinking of what tricks he could play to make Jon run out of the house in fear.

"Lets go to class" Karyn said, "we'd meet these two at the old hutchinson house after school and prove how brave you are."

As Jon and Karyn headed to class Karyn asked. "jon, can I see the stone for a second?"

"You're not going to change them before the house, or make them forget the dare are you?" he asked.

"nah!" said Karyn. "I am just going to make this more fun."

Karyn had an idea for how to get back at them, but she'd need to make it so her own laughing at it will not give her scare away.

Karyn took the stone and said "I wish some strange things will happen at the house, and that me and Jon will forget I made this wish until I wish otherwise"

"why'd you need the stone?" Jon asked.

Karyn just shrugged. "I just wanted to look at it I guess."

After school karyn and Jon went to the house. It was a miserable day, a cold, drizling rain was falling which chillled them as much as soaked them, the low fog banks made the house look even creepier. As they reached it Jon reached for the door and was shocked as it creaked slowly open on its own.

Jon looked around, the room was cold and drafty, everything was covered with dust, cobwebs filled the corners. The floor creaked as he walked accross the boards. Broken support beams made him wonder how stable the upper floors are. But one worry filled his head.

"How did the door open on its own?"

Karyn examined it, and pointed out a thin fishing line going to a dark corner. Jon peered into the darkness and suddenly jumped as hands grabbed him from behind and a voice yelled RAAAHR!

"I knew you were scared" Jack said as he let Jon go.

Within a few seconds the fishing line went slack and Sarah walked out of the dark corner. "I knew you're door trick would scare him." Sarah said to Jack.

Karyn went to pick a broken hand mirror up off a table and looked into it, and let out a shreik of terror.

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