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2. The ultimate scenario

1. You Are What You Wish

The ultimate scenario

on 2006-02-13 04:14:30
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-05-01 23:05:58

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After school Jon and Karyn went to Jon's house
Inside Jon's room, Jon leaves the stone on his drawer and talks with Karyn
"Karyn, i was thinking that the best wish we could do is to wish to know the possible consequences of our wishes"
"definitely the ultimate wish, i don't want to take try something that could change everything for worse" Karyn answered
then they took the stone and wished to know the possible scenarios that could happen if they or another person use the stone.
then a insane amount of information entered in their brains.
"Ahh, oh my god!!!, this is too much!!!" was screaming Jon
"Ahh, how horrible!!!" Karyn said
"Yuck, i can't believe that i become a girl in so many possible scenarios!!!"
Jon was mad about that and lots of other things like that his very best friend is the one that makes him change in some of the possible futures
"That bitch Sarah, if she gets the stone we're doomed"
Karyn was getting desperate just by remembering that
"So much horror, so many disasters will happen if this stone continues existing, Karyn, let's destroy it!"

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