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2. Next Day

1. You Are What You Wish

A New Day

on 2006-01-20 21:26:30

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When John woke up the next morning he was anxious to get to Karen's and try out the wishing stone. He started to walk over but then thought of an easier way. "I wish I was in Karen's bedroom." he said and in a flash he was there. The problem with his plan was that Karen wasn't. He heard the shower running so he hid in the closet to surprise her. When she came into the room she was wearing only a towel. John was so surprised he bumped his head. Karen looked over and started toward the closet. He knew she would see him and get mad. "I wish I blended in here."he said and the stone glowed. As he started to transform he dropped the stone and it rolled out of sight. The transformed John dropped to the ground the same time Karen opened the door. She looked around confused until she noticed John. "How did this get here?" she said as she pulled out...

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