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2. transformation game

1. You Are What You Wish

the transfromation house

on 2006-01-16 18:18:52

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after school that friday karyn came over to jon's house and jon told her of a fungame he had thought up. they talked it over and finally jon wished "i wish that for the next two days every object, except the stone and floor, in this house had a magical effect that would initiate when touched by somebody involving transformations like, TG, shapeshifting, age regression, body swapping, limb swapping, memory changing, clothing changing, changing sexuality, swapping mannerisms, and other fun magical effects. and that as soon as we left this house the effects would disappear (mannerisms are how people act, like a girl that put's her hands on her hips or walking femeininely, just for the people who don't know)

"now that that part's finished onto part two" karyn said
she wished "i wish that during this time Zoe, mikey and jon's mom and dad would not be home at all and we couldn't leave the house, also during this time i wish their would always be food, games and anything else we need or want here." karyn finished

"OK now to test. ZOE... MIKEY..... MOM.... DAD.... nope nobody is home let's go downstairs and do something."

"yeah sure but you're opening the door"

"wha.. oh fine we'll both be changed at the end of this anyway" and with that jon grabbed the doorknob and felt a tingle go through his body.

when he opened the door he checked himself over "ughh i'm...

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