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2. A turning point in life

1. You Are What You Wish

The plan begins

on 2006-01-14 06:16:43

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Jon sat in his room that nite with the stone in his hand. He did not know why his grandfather gave it to him, it was to big of a responsability for one person to have. Even though Karen knew about it, it was still up to him to keep it safe. He began to think of what to do until he heard a faint voice call out his name.


He looked around for the source of the sound but could not find one, untill he looked at his wall. There was a shadow on it that looked like it belonged to a demon. Three dark red eyes apeared on it, two where normal eyes would be and one above them. The shadow was the one talking and when it spoke it was a demonic tone that sent shiveres up his spine.

"What do you want from me?" Jon asked, his voice trembling.

"Did your grandfather never tell you, or have you just forgatten your mission?" The shadow asked him. "I see that you have the stone, that is one item down and six to go.

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Jon said to the shadow, gaining some confidence.

"All will be revealed in time, but for now you must go to the musieum and aquire the tome that is on display there."

Jon remembered hearing about that. There was a find on the outskerts of town that looked like a book from an ancient civilization. No one knew what the words in it meant, but he might be able to read them with the help of the stone. "Why do you want me to get the book?" Jon asked the shadow on his wall, still not understanding why he was talking to something that he could be imagining.

"I see that your grandfather did not tell you of our plan for ultimate power, but everything will be told to you in time. While you gather the items your shadow will be your guide and my eyes. I will see everything it sees, hear everything it hears, but I will have no controll over what it does. You will be able to tell it to anything and it will obey you without hesitation. Just call out to it and it will serve you no matter what."

With that the shadow faded away while telling Jon to find that tome and use it's power. Suddenly Jon's shadow rose out of the groun and kneeled in front of him. "I am here to serve you my master." When the shadow spoke it was his own voice, but he could hear the other shadows voice behind it.

"Uh...well I am tired now and I am going to sleep..make sure no one wakes me until morning." Jon said to the shadow not knowing what the heck was going on. Jon then went into his bed and went to sleep. As he was falling asleep he heard the shadow ask him a question.

"Shall I exicute those who try and wake you master?"

Jon was starteled by this. "No, do not kill anyone unless I say so!" Jon could not believe that he just said it but relaxed a little whan the shadow said to him, "I shall obey you my master. I will await untill you have awakened to do whatever you want of me."

Jon did not know what was going on, but he hoped that something would happen to give him some answers when he went to the musieum the next day.

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