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2. The Magic Shop (For those who

1. You Are What You Wish

The Magic Shop (The true beauty of YAWYW is the freedom to create new limits.)

on 2006-01-10 01:22:14

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After a year or so with the stone (real time) Jon had been through a lot. He had been everyone he knew. Had sex with everyone he knew. Lived as body parts, travelled to distant galaxies. Entered fictional worlds. He lived entire lifetimes. He gave birth. Traveled through time and even merged all the knowledge he and his parallel selves in alternate timelines had gained. He was married to Karyn until they realized that they were in fact the same person due to an odd wish. Then things got a little weird for them. When he learned that in the real (unaffected by wish stone world) he was an orphan with no siblings it depressed him. After a time he decided he would like to share magic with people. He created a magic shop and would use the wish stone to craft something magical just for them. Then he would watch what happenned on his Wide screen High Definition Projection Crystal ball in the back. All the fun of the magic with none of the personal risk.

On this particular Thursday. Jon sat behind the counter. He knew who was coming. He'd already seen it on the ball. He smiled and polished a novelty case and waited for....

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