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6. Unknown

5. The Secret's out

4. Santa's Stones

3. Jon Meets Santa

2. Meeting Santa Claus

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2006-12-28 00:14:29

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The April Fool turned to Jon, "One of us from the Hinterlands took your Grandfather kid and that creep's holiday is somewhere in the last part of the year. I know the guy's name name is Supay. That's about it. He's from South America."

"But what does either my grandfather or me have to do with that?" wondered Jon.

"You have everything to do with it," said the April Fool. "Because Supay had a magic stone, and now you do. And it's his. The only thing that's saved you so far is that nobody believes in him, which weakens his power."

"Who? What?" asked Jon. "I don't understand!"

"Supay! Haven't you heard of him?"

"No, I haven't. You don't even know when his holiday is."

"I don't know when his holiday is, but I know who he is. Supay, the Incan god of death and the underworld. Even today they use his name as another name for the Devil. Good grief, man, you ought to study."

"They don't teach that in school," replied Jon. "What has an Incan god have to do with... oh. I see. The stone is Incan."

"You're right, the stone is Incan. So's this guy, and he wants it back."

"But I don't even know who he is!"

"Use Google, man," said the Fool, and vanished.

Jon tried Google. Of course, it provided no information other than that he was an Incan god of death. The Incans didn't have writing as we know it, and the knotted cords that they used for records were burned by the Spaniards. Modern men just didn't know much about Incan gods at all. "Thank you for wasting my time," said Jon to the air. "That was useless."

The Fool suddenly appeared and said "Gotcha. April Fool. And don't tell me it isn't April. But seriously, it looks like you're in a lot of trouble. Have fun fighting a god."

"You said he was powerless, because nobody believes in him."

"I said he was weaker, not that he was powerless. He isn't strong enough to have the earth swallow you up with no warning, but that doesn't mean there's nothing he can do to you if you get in his face. I suggest being very careful. And don't ever let him get the stone. The last thing we need is him wishing up a couple thousand believers and gaining enough power to conquer the world." Then the Fool popped out of existence again.

"I wish I knew where Supay is," said Jon, holding the stone. No luck. He immediately knew that Supay was outside of the stone's wish range. But his grandfather was in trouble. Where could he start?

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