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2. Some revenge

1. You Are What You Wish

Seeking out the one who destroyed your love life...

on 2005-12-20 20:31:50

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Jon hadn't had too much success with girls during his life, but there had been one girl. Erin. She was a rather attractive girl, she had a nice bust, a little pudgy but she looked good. She was also smart and usually didn't like girls who acted boy crazy. They had dated for about six months and then this guy came along. Alex. Alex was the kind of guy that liked girls for their body. He enjoyed when they whored themselves out to him and, well, really enjoyed any bimbos that would do what they would for him. Unfortunately for Jon, Erin fell in to his words and dumped him so that she could be with Alex. Alex of course eventually broke her heart (because that's what he did to every girl) and there was nothing Jon could do. Erin wouldn't come back to him.

Then there was another girl that came in to Jon's life. Her name was Angela. She was an attractive girl as well, even more so then Erin. She had a smaller bust, but it worked for her on her body. There was no way she would ever even consider going very far with a guy. This was alright with Jon, until he got dumped. He got dumped because she was too obsessed with playing lacrosse. She also said that she didn't like the way that Jon treated her, despite the fact that he gave her nothing but love and support. She said he was too demanding of her time.

So now that Jon is facing this new chance with with the stone, he decides it's time to find some revenge on these people, Alex, Erin, and Angela...but where should he start? He could start with Alex and take out the root of the problem, or he could start with one of the girls...which is it to be?

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