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3. Jon is into green skin

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Orcs and Goblins

on 2020-05-19 18:15:44

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Jon thought of the pornographic comics that he read online. There was one in particular, featuring a tribe of Orcs, all of whom had female features and bodies, but male genitalia. They lived in a society where the leader dominated everyone beneath them, physically and sexually, as did everyone, link by link, dominate those beneath them, all the way down to the "omega girl," who faced constant sexual bombardment.

Of course, things weren't easy for the leader either, as they faced daily challenges for dominance, that, should they lose, would catapult them down the ranks to become the plaything of the rest of their tribe. Their second-in-command, while technically their pairbond, would often be the only one they could turn to for tenderness and love, even though there was a story line where the lieutenant was given up to a tribe of Goblins as a sexual offering so as to cement an alliance between the Orcish and Goblinoid warbands, so that new Orcs could be bred with the Goblin women.

Jon had long harbored a fantasy of being one of the characters in this comic, of being an Orcish shemales of the tribe, and being dominated, and dominating others, green breasts and fangs rubbing against her own as she mated, or even of being a Goblin, mated with and made to give birth over and over, her swollen bosom filled with milk. His heart quickened, and he clasped the stone to his chest.

He made his decision as to which greenskin he would spend the next month as, and formed his wish.

"I wish I was..."

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