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2. Pre-Drinks

1. The Drafting Board


on 2020-04-21 13:59:18

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"OK, I think I get it now." Brick said, as the two friends got off the bus into the warm evening. Kevin breathed a sigh of relief.


"So we're not going out drinking?"

Kevin's sigh turned into a frustrated groan instantly. "No! For the last time, pre-drinks are the drinks we have before going out!"

Looking at his friends face, he could tell that Brick still wasn't getting it. He was beefy, in more ways than one. Maybe back where he was from, his rugged handsome looks and blonde, blue-eyed cowboy looks meant he could get away with not getting things. Here, less so.

"Ok, what do you do when you want to drink, back home?"

Brick paused, his lips screwing up in concentration. It was a mean thought, but Kevin couldn't help but be reminded of a gorilla. A cute one. "Well, we'd usually give our money to someone to by beers or a keg, then we'd stay inside and get drunk."

"Exactly!" Kevin pointed excitedly as the two continued to walk. "But that's because you live in a crazy country which thinks that you can own a gun before you can buy a drink."

Brick glared a Kevin, and held up his hand, a single finger unfurled. "You just used up one of your three America jokes. Any more than that, and you're getting your ass kicked."

Kevin smirked. "Worth it. Anyway, in this..." He span around, arms outstretched. "UNITED KINGDOM!" He yelled to the empty street. "Here, we get to actually go out. To clubs."

Brick nodded. He understood this part at least. "Ok. So, why did we buy drinks, if we're going out?"

"Because, clubs are fucking expensive. And as students, who are currently expanding their academic knowledge, we can't afford to buy drinks from them. At least, not for the whole night."

Brick nodded. Maybe he was finally getting it.

"So we're not going out."

Or not.

"No Brick, we are going out. It's Friday night and we're going to Vanish, because it's going to be packed and we might get laid." Kevin paused, looking at Brick. "Well, you will."

It was true, Brick had a lot going for him, that made him always successful in his sex life. While Kevin wasn't ugly, with his short brown hair and round face, he was very, very plain. And when he was with Brick, he might as well be invisible. Sometimes that frustrated Kevin, especially as Brick's flatmate, because it meant he often had to talk to someone he had spoken to before, and they often had no idea who he was. But most times, Kevin was fine with it. That was just the way of the world.

"Aw, thanks." Brick said, slightly blushing. Despite his bravado, he was very easy to embarrass.

"Anyway, before we go out, we pre-drink. We go to a friends place, we hang out, the girls spend ages getting ready, we play a few drinking games, then when everyone is nice and sloshed, then we go out."

Brick stared, putting on his concentrating face again. "Ok, now I think I get it. So pre-drinking is the drinking we do BEFORE we go out. Then we go out and do more drinking."

Kevin smiled. "Finally! You get it!"

"And that's why we bought those cheap drinks at the supermarket before getting on the bus!"

Two for two, Kevin was impressed. "Yes, exactly, because it's cheaper!"

"And that's why you bought that girly shit."

"Exactly, be- wait, fuck you." Kevin just caught what Brick said. "It was 3 for two, and they were so cheap! Besides, it's not that girly."

"It's pink."

"It's Rose!"

Brick raised his eyebrows. "It's wine. That makes it a girls drink."

Kevin scoffed. "Whatever, your just jealous, because I spent less then you."

"Well, what can I say. Being a man is expensive sometimes."

The two continued to make snide comments as they continued their small walk, before arriving at a flat. Kevin pressed the buzzer for flat 3A.

"Who is it?" The crackly voice of a woman asked.

"It's Kevin. I'm Louise's cousin."

"Oh cool! Hey Lou..." The voice trailed off, the cackling of the speaker drowning out any noise from the flat.

"Hey Kevin!" Louise's voice came over the speaker. "How are you?"

"Fucking freezing, let us in already!" Kevin said in jest.

"Aw, you drama queen. Fine, doors unlocked, don't you dare wake any of my neighbours. Come on up!" With that, the door went CA-THUNK as it unlocked.

"Dude, that was your cousin?" Brick said, as the two started climbing the stairs.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Is she cute?"

"Fuck you." Kevin said. The two finally made themselves outside of Louise's door, and entered.

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