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2. Iridescent Sun: New episode

1. The Forum

Iridescent Sun: New episode

on 2012-03-15 03:16:34

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Hey, folks. Posting an episode here to see if it's good and so on. I get a feeling something's missing from it...

"Woooooow..." - Said Rachel looking around.

"Agreed..." - Said David.

Cass smiled lightly.

"Yep. I got sort of a nice deal here. Selene gave us two plots of land on the Moon each. Currently we're near Mare Ingenii, on the dark side. We are quite powerful here, too... Neat, innit?"

Rachel giggled. "Neat? Aren't you a bit numb to it?"

"I believe that was Selene's doing when she gave you this place." - Said Nadine - "Just as gods must relearn their abilities more or less slowly, it is convenient for you and Lucas, as humans, to be a bit slower on understanding the whole implications of your new power. Consider what I myself might do with much power if I had gotten it all suddenly..."

Rachel shuddered. "Yeeeeah... Sorry to say, but you're right, I don't think it would be nice..."

Nadine nodded. "It helps that I got time to figure things out. For instance, Ms. Wilkins, did you consider you could heal people with this place?"

Cass smiled. "Really? Wow..."

"There should be a limit on how many per day, so you must ask Selene about that before doing so, but yes... You can bring people here if you know their name and, approximately, where they are, or if you just wish to bring someone at random with a given trait. And when you bring people here, you can do nearly anything with their bodies, except for reversing a sun change..."

"Anything? But then I could even..." - Cass shuddered. - "Oh..."

"Yes, dear. You could even kill people." - Said Nadine evenly.

"I don't understand..." - Said Cass, a little more fearfully - "Why would Selene give us what can be used, for all intents and purposes, as a Death Note?"

"I don't claim to know her..." - Said David, blushing - "But... Could it be that she knows you won't use it for this?"

"...How can she be so sure?" - Said Cass a bit bitterly. Being skilled in social studies and politically active, she could think of many people the world might well do without.

Nadine smiled sadly. She remembered this feeling, what Cass would be thinking right now. When her transformation came, she wondered if she could start a righteous crusade, use her power to restore morals, even if only in her small city, for instance.

"Well, dear" - She finally said, in a very motherly tone - "Would you? Suppose I, Rachel and David show ourselves out to give you some privacy. I could teleport myself and them back to school. Would you pick out a random criminal or even an international genocidal leader and kill him? We would not judge you. You might be doing the world a favor by preventing more people from being killed..."

Cass paused. Then sighed. "No. It's... not my place. It's just not..."

"But what about people that might otherwise kill again? Those leaders Nadine mentioned..." - Said David.

"I can't fix an entire system just by killing a leader, David, even if I were willing to do it." - Said Cass - "Even the most horrible leaders are the product of a system that put them there and gave them power. Killing one would just land another one from his lackeys to take his place. And who is to say said lackey isn't smarter, extending the dictatorship for years? Or more oppressive, killing thousands more?"

Rachel nodded. "I see your point..."

Cass smiled sadly. "Yeah... Anyways, I'll add more to this place later. Right now, though, we should get back..."

The four of them got back to school. As Rachel, David and Nadine left the room, Rachel turned to Nadine.

"Nadine, why did you outright tell her all these things? Didn't you say Selene's letting them find it out slowly?"

"Because these basic things would occur to them soon enough, anyways, Rachel. I only know Lucas from what another party told me, for instance, but, from what I was told, how long do you think it will take her to think the exact same thing about hunting down leaders she sees as oppressive?"

Rachel pondered. "All of fifteen minutes..."

Nadine nodded. "She'll likely reach the same conclusion too, but yes..."

"That's an odd question. But... No. I wouldn't kill a tyrant this way. It wouldn't do any good anyways." - Lucas sighed - "But why did you bring it up? I mean, a priest bringing up a way to sin?"

Maxwell chuckled softly. "Because I know you. It would occur to you sooner or later, child. And while you are a nicer person than you make yourself out to be, I know you don't necessarily follow all of my moral codes. Please do not read it as me saying that you would murder someone willy-nilly. But I figured you would see no problem in killing a tyrant, as you put it."

"Moral, no, I'm sorry, but I don't see one. Practical, yes. It wouldn't help and it might even cause more problems down the road. That and I'm really not sure Neruite would approve of me using her reward to pick out less savory people." - Said Lucas. "No matter how really, really satisfying that might be, and, again, I hope I do not offend." - She added.

"You do not offend me, child. I am rather glad that you came to that conclusion by yourself. One does not abstain from sin by pretending to themselves that they are immune to it."

Lucas sighed and sat by a tree.

"It's... a lot of responsibility, isn't it? I could do it if I wished. I could do a lot of things with that space if I put my mind to it... Heck, I am already doing it... What if it corrupts me? What if I become..." - She trailed off, but it was clear where she was headed.

"As long as you ask yourself 'What if I become a tyrant myself', child, you will not be one." - Said Maxwell - "And besides, have faith in your goddess. Would she grant such power to one who would oppress?"

Lucas blushed.

"I would hope not. But what if I disappoint her?"

"Then she will likely ask you to correct it way before it becomes something too bad. And if even my vision of God is all-forgiving, I would assume yours to be even more..." - He chuckled.

Lucas paused. "I crossed more than one boundary yesterday..." - Said Lucas, finally.

"You did, child." - Said Maxwell - "And you will have not only me, but also Miss Wilkins, Robert and Neruite herself to help you in this new world..."

Lucas blushed, and she and Maxwell kept talking.

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