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2. The Facility

1. The Drafting Board

The Facility

on 2020-03-30 01:03:11

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A man named Lyle was working with two other researchers on a project funded by the city’s largest university. It was meant to revolutionize gender sciences and allow surgery free gender reassignment. Not only that, it was meant to alter brainwaves in order to make transition even easier.

However, the project had been cancelled due to lack of funding. Lyle sat their with his two partners, Sarah and Jennifer, both accomplished scientists in their own right. This was their last day together.

“Well, fuck it.” Lyle said, unintentionally changing his future forever.

“What’s that?” Sarah asked, a half empty bottle of whiskey in her hand. The trio had been passing it around.

“I say, if we’re going to let this go to waste, why not make one last effort?” He said, getting up.

“Didn’t they tell us to wait? That they were just going to get rid of everything anyway?” Jennifer said.

“Yeah, but they also said we’d have ten years and we ended up with four. Fuck ‘em!” Lyle shouted.

The two lady scientists looked at each, shrugged, and followed Lyle.

A few minutes later, John was standing inside of a chamber with a television, speakers, and a chair. He’d volunteered to be the first subject. The three of them knew that, most likely, nothing would happen.

However, the trio didn’t realize one fatal detail: Aphrodite and her daughter, Hermaphrodite had returned to the human world and wanted to cause some mischief. What better way, Aphrodite pondered, than to help make a normal human into a Goddess?

As Jennifer switched on the machine, large sparks filled the room, causing her and Sarah to shield themselves. When they looked back up, shock filled them, their mouths agape.

Lyle moaned as he transformed into a woman - a beautiful woman, more beautiful than any he’d seen himself.

Thick, fiery red hair went down her back. Her face shrunk and feminized, her lips puffing up significantly. It now looked completely beautiful, as if she’d spent hours painting her face with makeup. His nipples became slightly puffier and fat began to pool around them, forming two large G cup breasts. Her waist thinned to a more feminine shape as her hips bulged out, giving her a sexy hourglass figure. Her ass grew to become proportionate with her breasts. Her legs took on a beautiful, feminine shape as she shrunk down to a still-commanding five foot nine from six foot even. Her feet became small and dainty as all of her body hair disappeared.

Instead of disappearing, though, pleasure shot through her cock as it grew. She moaned even louder as it reached its new size - a solid ten inches, with tennis ball sized testicles below it. An earth shattering orgasm filled her as her mind began to change.

“Dominate... make everyone beautiful... control them all!”

Panting from her orgasm, the new Leah couldn’t figure out where these thoughts came from. She felt herself fall asleep, unable to fight it.

As she slept, she had dreams - dreams of creating a new facility, one that converted women and men into her subservient lovers.

When she awoke, was shocked that the lab wasn’t destroyed - in fact, everything seemed different. The room was much more cozy, with a large flat screen TV and a comfortable bed.

“Jennifer? Sarah?” She called out, shocked by her beautiful new voice.

She strutted over, noting her new feminine walk, to the viewing station above the room she’d been transformed in. It was completely different, just as her room had been. She found a mirror in the corner of the viewing room where she could finally examine herself.

She noticed she was now wearing a sexy, professional dress. The machine shouldn’t have been able to change her clothes.

What she saw when she arrived was even more shocking than she’d thought. The two weren’t in the viewing room, so she’d gone over to the research station.

“Jennifer? Sarah?” She asked, seeing two of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen, almost as beautiful as her. They were wearing slutty nurse outfits, as if they were Halloween costumes. Each vaguely resembled the former Jennifer and Sarah, but as if they’d been reimagined as someone’s wet dream.

“Oh, Mistress! We were wondering where you went!” The new Jennifer answered, with a distinctive airiness in her voice.

“Yeah, we got kinda worried! The subjects are going to be here soon!” Sarah said, her voice just as sultry and airy.

“O-oh, I’m fine. I... I just need to sit down...” Leah said. What had happened? Everything was different! Why was Sarah calling her mistress? Subjects?

“Mmm, I know what’ll make you feel better!” Jennifer said.

Leah was shocked as Jennifer pushed up Leah’s dress and pulled down her panties. Shoving her face between her legs, Jennifer began licking and stroking Leah’s cock.

Leah felt powerless. She didn’t this, did she? Her head was fuzzy. She couldn’t tell if this was a dream or if being a man had been a dream.

“Oh... now I remember.” She said.

Leah had created this facility under the guise of scientific studies, and Sarah and Jennifer had been her first subjects.

She moaned as Jennifer kept sucking her cock.

She’d always hated men and women. Why had she been the freak to get a cock but a woman’s body? As she got older, though, she began to love her beautiful body and her cock. Now with the mind control device she’d invented, she managed to get funding to create technology that would make people into shemales just like her - or women that fetishized shemales. The rooms looked like normal suites, but had hypnotic pornography and technology in the beds that would change any test subjects exactly how she wanted them. Her real guinea pigs were here; she had to prepare herself. She remembered the presets she created - dominant shemales to serve under her, submissive bimbos, happy women that could live life fucking each other and the bimbos, goth girls and shemales, and so much more.

As she was thinking this, she came. Jennifer happily swallowed it.

“Mm, that was yummy mistress!” Jennifer said.

Sarah looked on, obviously jealous.

“Thank you, Jennifer. I do feel better. Why don’t you and Sarah take a quick break?” Leah said. Sarah perked up.

“Like, okay mistress!” Jennifer said, before kissing Sarah. The both of them began making out.

Jennifer looked at her list of new subjects to remind herself of who they were. The top of the list read “STUDY - The effects of one month of constant pornography on adults in their late teens and early 20s,” the guise she’d chosen for this.

She read her list:

“1. Jake Smith - aged 26 - Note: Julia’s twin

  1. Julia Smith - aged 26 - Note: Jake’s twin

  2. Katie Hops - aged 21 - Note: ‘Party Girl’

  3. James O’Hare - aged 19 - Note: ‘Burnout’

Room for up to 16 more patients at once”

She took a deep breath and went to greet her new patients.

She arrived in the lobby of the building.

“Hello! Jake, Julia, Katie, and James? Let me show you to your home for the next month..” She said in a sweet, sing-songy voice.

Meanwhile, Aphrodite and Hermaphrodite laughed.

“Oh, I think we may have set something dangerous in motion.” Hermaphrodite said through the laughter.

“Who cares? We can always go back and fix it later. Let’s enjoy this!” Aphrodite said, as the two flew away.

Back in The Facility, Leah’s first subjects were settling into their new rooms.

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