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2. My recent additon to Beautiful

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My recent additon to Beautiful Genes - should there be more?

on 2020-03-24 06:48:26

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Hi there. After a loooong hiatus in writing I've decided to contribute again. Perri's Beautiful Genes storyline caught my attention, but I decided to take it in a bit of a more... dark direction. Before I add any more to it though I wanted to gauge if there is even any interest in reading it.

Even though it looks like an ominous build up to non-con sex I just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm not planning to go there as it's really not my thing. What is my thing is imagining being turned into a woman and then being left at the mercy of a cruel man with limitless power who slowly and tortuously shapes my body, my mind, and my whole reality into that of his fantasy partner. Jon as Allison was already quite out there - stuck as a girl, with feelings which confuse and scare him. The only thing in the way of this becoming a full on horror of things going off the rails was Ryder's sense of ethics.

Also, because this is a personal fetish of mine, something I would like to experience, I think if I continue I might do it with first person POV (of Jon/Allison).

Here's the episode in question btw:

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