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2. About Nadine in the Iridescent

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About Nadine in the Iridescent Sun...

on 2012-02-05 20:03:26

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That episode was pretty good, but I do have a complaint about it. When I made Nadine into a goddess, I had wanted her to still act like her old self (with the exception of being more mother-like, as well as someone who learn to not be critical of other people's religion and form, since she was a bit like Robert before her changed). But, she was acting more god-like than herself. Speaking of which, you guys probably don't want to overdo that whole 'god-like state-of-mind', because it would then become a stereotype and that was something we was trying to avoid in the first place. Just like the angel- and devil-changed people, the god-changed people are not going to just act like the being they represented (maybe a hint, but nothing too noticable), and they will still be themselves in the long run.

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