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2. Jon on the beach

1. You Are What You Wish

Life's a beach

on 2005-12-11 03:52:41

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The stone was put away and forgotten about until the weekend rolled around and Karyn came over to visit.

"Any more ideas on how we can test the stone?" Jon asked her.

Karyn smiled and said. "How about on the beach, their we have lots of fun in the sun, and sand. Plus lots of scantilly dressed people around."

"wow, great idea!" Jon said.

Karyn held the stone and said "I wish me and Jon were at the beach".

They then found themselves on warm sand, with the waves lapping the shore close to their feet.

"Wow we got lucky with that one. I mean it could have interpretted it as a shoreline in the arctic."

Karyn just smiled confidently.

"Since the beach was my idea why don't you get the first wish jon." Karyn said, handing him the stone.

Jon took the stone and said "I wish..."

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