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2. Math Fun

1. You Are What You Wish

School Days do Not Add Up

on 2005-12-07 21:08:46

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After several small experiments together, Jon and Karyn became well versed in the limitations and the possibilities that wishing stone could grant them. They learned from their mistake and always were careful to only use the rock when they were prepared to make a wish, and made sure to always include a loophole to get out of a wish in case it did not go to plan.

As the year went on, Karyn adjusted to her new form, and thanks to some cleaver wishes, it was as if she had always had the body she had mistakenly wished for. The two always made time for each other.

They both were in Mr. Mattson's 8th period Algebra class. Jon was a natural at it, and always could see the logic behind the formulas and concepts. He was a straight A student, whereas Karyn had a much harder time and could barely make a D.

During class one day in Late June, Mr. Mattson made an announcement that several students, including Jon were exempt from the final as they had earned the right to a break by proving throughout the year that they had a full firm grasp on the concepts. The rest of the class however would not be as lucky, and therefore they would be required to attend this final, which also was the being offered on the last possible day and time for class.

"Jon, your so lucky, I wish I was exempt for the final," Karyn said to Jon as they walked over towards their lockers. "I am going to have to study my butt off and I barely will pass the class. If I do not, I will have to take the class over the summer, which means not summer job, and no summer fun."

"Karyn, I can try and help you out," Jon replied as he put his books into his locker.

"You mean that Jon, because I have an idea that will make this work for me, and I will be willing to make it up to you," she replied with a big smile and a look in her eyes that signaled to Jon that her mind was brewing a big idea.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not get carried away here Karyn, I meant I would help you study and show you some tricks so you can do good on the final, what were you thinking?" he replied.

"Meet me after school, and I will tell you all about it, see you after 9th period," she said as she ran off to her last class for the day.

Jon went to his class with his mind all racing trying to think what Karyn was up too. He was always a bit concerned when she had that look in her eyes.

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