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2. Ultimate Cosmic Power

1. You Are What You Wish

Ultimate Cosmic Power.

on 2005-11-29 01:41:16

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Jon laid down on his bed at home. He put the rock on the bedside table. Picking up a nerf basketball he began to toss it up at the ceiling.

What should I wish for? he wondered. This stone had amazing power. Jon could have anything he wanted. The only problem was that stupid "Can't unwish what you already wished for" rule.

Jon let out a sigh as he caught the ball again. He could hear his brother laughing up a storm in the next room. He was watching "Aladin" yet again. Jon rolled his eyes. He couldn't understand how Mikey could watch that movie 20 times and still want to watch it again.

He could hear the song the Genie was singing about wishes. It reminded Jon about the stone. Wishes... Anything you want to come true will. But for Jon, it was like he had a million Genies. There was no 3 wish limit.

He heard Mikey let out another huge laugh. Jon gritted his teeth. "SHUT UP MIKEY" he yelled, "IT WASN'T THAT FUNNY".

Jon reached over to the bedside table. I know what I WANT to wish for. he thought. But no. He pulled back his hand. It wasn't worth it. Especially with that limiting rule to the stone. If only he could get past that.

As if to answer his problem, he heard from the other room:
"I HAVE ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER!!!... in an itty bitty little space"

As usual Mikey laughter could be heard throughout the house. Jon was about to yell at him again, but stopped. He caught the nerf ball and set it beside him. He sat up. He looked at the stone.

"No, it couldn't be that easy" Jon muttered to himself. He thought a bit, then shrugged. It couldn't hurt to try. Jon picked up the stone.

"I wish that I had ultimate cosmic power, allowing anything I want to happen, to happen, with no restrictions or limitations, what-so-ever."

The stone changed yellow and began to glow. The luminescence filled the room. Jon had to close his eyes and turn his head. After a minute, Jon could look back. The stone now looked normal, but he noticed that his skin was shining slightly. After a while it began to fad to its normal color.

"Wow" Jon set the stone down again and looked at his hands. They now looked as though nothing had happened. He looked exactly the same. He felt the same. He jumped up and down. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. Maybe it didn't work.

Jon looked back at his bed and reached to grab his Nerf ball again. Before his hand had gotten halfway to the bed, the ball flew up into Jon's hand. He jumped. "HOLY COW!"

He softly tossed the ball a foot in the air. When it was at it's peak Jon said "Stop" The ball froze. It was as though wires were holding it up in the air. Jon waved his hands above and below it. He didn't feel anything.

"It worked" he whispered to himself. His eyes grew wide with excitement. This was amazing. He looked at his closed door. There was a hoop attached to wall right above it. He imagined the ball going in it. Almost instantly the ball flew up at the hoop all on its own and swished in the basket.

"All Right" He shook with excitement. Jon looked around his room. He saw his small TV on the desk. He stared at it. Suddenly there was a widescreen plasma TV. Jon walked over and felt it. It was real.

He thought about his old TV and instantly the magnificant beauty reverted back to its old self. "Yes" He had found his loophole. He could do anything he wanted and nothing could stop him.

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