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2. Experiment Island

1. The Drafting Board

Experiment Island

on 2018-03-24 23:28:50

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Dr Rousseau sat in his labs control center and smiled. To think he benefitted from a long forgotten government program. You see, back in the late 40’s and early 50’s after WW2 ended the world had become enamored with science. Nuclear physics was a booming field, Einstein was celebrated, and the secrets of cruel German experiments were coveted by the victorious allies. From this a mad science boom happened as governments scrambled to hire whatever lunatic or crackpot with a lab they could find. Dr. Rousseau was one such beneficiary. To think he doesn’t look a day over 50 due to his longevity formula. The US gave him a group of 100 islands named Mesonesia not found on any map (and expunged from GPS sattelites due to his clever hacking). They let him do any crazy experiment he wanted as long as he mailed them the results. Then in the 70’s the mailed results kept returning with a message address not found, but the funding kept rolling in asit was rolled up in some secret military nonsense. So now he is forgotten and being paid to do mad experiments for free without supervision.

And he has the technology to do so. Genetic engineering labs, nanotechnology, surgical labs, vats of clones made from every guest so he can exchange parts without creating “swapposites” (his term for swapped opposite pairs) unless he wishes to. Then their are the robots. Bird like and insect like spy bots, some of who can project holographic images to communicate with guests. Android hosts in the hotel who look human. Robot sharks and dolphins to prevent escape, etc.

All he has to do now is mail out free vacations to his unsuspecting subjects who are unaware that their trip is one way.

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