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2. Group Experiment

1. You Are What You Wish

Group Experiment

on 2005-11-07 08:09:37

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The next day Jon opened his front door to find Karyn, Pete, Vickie, and Tim all standing on his porch.

"What is everyone doing here? Karyn?"

Karyn stepped up. "Um... hi Jon... last night I went out with Roger and I accidentally told them about the rock."


" I'm sorry Jon, it just slipped out."

Jon shook his head. He knew telling Karyn about the rock was a mistake. Not even a day had passed and practically everyone she knew had now heard about the rock.

"Dammit Karyn, this isn't a toy!"

Pete stepped forward. "We know. Jon, we don't want to cause any trouble. We just want to be here to test it out. All we want to do is watch."

"Sorry Pete, no."

Karyn pulled Jon inside.

"Look Jon. We NEED to have a few people here to witness our wishes. What if we mess up? We need insurance. If at least 5 of us know about the world as it existed BEFORE our wishes, then at least we'll always have a chance to get things back to normal."

Jon scratched his head. He wasn't sure this was a good idea, but he decided to go ahead with it. If things went wrong, he could always just wish that everybody walk home and forget everything.

Karyn, Pete, Vickie, and Tim all filed into Jon's house. Everyone gathered around the living room coffee table.

"So where's this rock?" Vickie said.

Jon pulled the rock out of his pocket and set it on the table. Vickie leaned over and examined it.

"It just looks like a regular old rock."

Jon laughed. "Well I can assure you, it's anything BUT normal. Just look at Karyn."

Everyone looked at Karyn. Unfortunately they weren't around for yesterday's events so they didn't know Karyn used to have brown hair and smaller breasts.

Jon picked up the rock.

"Okay. This is how things are going to work. We'll each get ONE wish but it has to be about a person in the room. I'm going to make the first wish. Does someone in this room want to volunteer to be the first subject?"

Vickie stood up. "I'll do it!"

"Great. Okay. Make sure everyone prefaces each wish with a time limit so nothing will be permanent."

Jon squeezed the rock. "I wish that for one day, any idea Vickie is given by anyone in this room, she will immediately believe that idea to be a GREAT idea and will have the desire to act on it."

The rock glowed warm and everyone looked at Vickie.

Tim asked, "How do you feel Vickie?"

"I don't feel any different."

Jon smiled. "Take off your shoes."

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