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2. Victoria

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2005-11-04 23:58:39

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Jon sat in his bedroom holding the rock. He felt extremely nervous yet at the same time anxious and excited. He wanted to try it out again.

Jon glanced out his window and saw his next door neighbor Victoria hopping into her little Voikswagon. Victoria was blonde, with bright full lips, and long legs. She was 23 and she attended the local Arts & Design school at the end of town. Jon made every attempt to talk to her when he had the chance. A few weeks ago she actually invited him to a college party after one of her art shows but Jon's mom wouldn't let him go.

Victoria was a very smart girl and she seemed very confident with her goals in life. Despite her great personality, Jon always wondered what kind of body she had under those messy painter's overalls.

Jon fiddled with the rock in his hand. He looked out the window again. Victoria was sitting in her driver's seat, looking in the mirror, running lip stick over her lips.

"I wish..."

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