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2. Solutions Cause Bigger Problem

1. You Are What You Wish

A Plague of Unconscious Wishes

on 2005-10-27 06:30:40

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-It was nearly 5pm when Jon got back to his home after school. He had missed the bus because of the conversation with Karyn and her resulting mishap, but the long walk home had given him time to ponder the power that the stone held and the options about how to help Karyn.-

"I have near absolute power in my hands, but absolute power corrupts absolutely." I sighed

The only truly responsible thing I could is wish this stone out of existence, but even with that there is no telling what could happen. It is quite possible that this stone is the remainder of the universal equation, responsible for every probability of being or the repository for all the energy that has and will collect from every black hole. It is equally possible that is some joke dreamed up by a crackpot wizard in a bathrobe that just wanted to see if somebody were responsible enough to destroy it and watch the mayhem that has happened before that person stops it.

"I wish I actually knew the origins of the stone so I could decide on a safe course of action." I said with despair knowing full well that wisdom would not come so easy.

-Luckily for the Wizard, the stone had been in it wooden box safely nestled between Jon's Physics and Government books. He released his breath knowing that his fun would go on at least a little while longer.-

I walked upstairs to my bedroom and removed the stone from my backpack and plopped down on my bed.
"The safest course of action that I can take now is to come up with a way to help Karyn get back to normal in a way that wouldn't cause everything to blink out of existence. I wish an Idea would come to me easily." I said as I set the stone down in front of me and turned to reposition my pillow to achieve a more comfortable staring position. I was only looking at the stone for a few moments when the thought struck me like a bolt of lightning. I was so excited by the epifiny that I could hardly remember karyn's cell number.

"Karyn, are you busy, I just thought of the perfect way to solve your problem." I blurted as soon as she said 'hello?'

"Not really, I am just on my way to the mall, do you want to meet me there in the food court?"
"Sure, I'll see you in fifteen." I hung up quickly and dropped the cell and the stone in my pocket and dashed downstairs.
"Mom, I am meeting Karyn at the mall to get stuff for a project, I am going to eat there!" I shouted. Mom' policy was I could go where I want as long as she knew where to send the police, and I took that real seriously after I went to the bowling ally with Karyn but came home with Officer Ryeson.

"That's fine honey, just remember to buckle up so you are not hurt if you crash the car!" Mom called back as I walked out the door. It was statements like that that made me think my parents only let me drive because they wanted me to wreck the jeep. And I understood why too, it was ten years older than I was and in horrible need of a paint job, air conditioner, and just about everything else that wasn't needed to pass inspection. I didn't let it bother me though, Trusty Rusty got me where I wanted to go and I was one of the few juniors in the school that actually had a car. I got to the mall 20 minuets later and spotted second Karyn in line at the Fil-a-uh- Chicken.

"As usual your tardiness is actually impeccable timing, there were ten people in front of me when I got here and you just waltz right up." Karyn said with the only irritated smile she was famous for.

We got our sandwiches and sat down as far away from the crowd as possible at that time of day.

"So what's this great plan you have come up with to fix my stupidity?" Her question was dripping with as much sarcasm as her curly fry had ketchup, but it was just the setup I was hoping for. I reached in my pocket and said

"I wish "

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