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12. Dressin for the occasion

11. The New Room

10. The Joy of Wings

9. Wedding Gifts

8. Anomaly in Anatomy

7. Bath Time!

6. Karyn

5. 2.0

4. The real alien Overlords

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

RAO: Dressing for the Occasion

on 2012-08-13 11:53:07

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After about a half an hour Karyn and I were slowly winging our way back to our room. The view up here was amazing.

Directly below us was a park, maybe a mile in diameter, in the middle of the capitol city. At the very center was an amazing hexagonal tower, which happened to contain my room, among others. The tower was 50 stories high, each level divided into six rooms with a wraparound balcony encircling each floor. On each story, the north room was the servants' rooms, with an elevator running all the way to the ground to bring up various supplies. The south room was the bathhouse. That left four rooms on each level as apartments. The top two levels were designated for the Queen, her sisters, and her daughters. All of the other levels had a room for each governess. Notice I say governess, not noble. Only the people actually in charge of a star system got a room on the royal tower. Now, we didn't yet have 192 star systems under our control but there were that many rooms in the hopes we would someday.

I touched down first and quickly ran into the room so Karyn could land. We were just about to get into bed when a vet high pitched voice called out to us. "My Queen and Lady Karyn, do you wish to have lunch now?"

"Yes, please come in." We turned to watch as four girls entered.

They were young, the oldest maybe 12 and the youngest probably around 10. Even though this was a small age difference, two of them already had fully formed bodies with large cantaloupe sized breasts while the other two hadn't even started puberty, evident by the fact that they only had tinny breast buds. They were in full formal dress, reserved only for the most important meetings, and, apparently, waiting on the queen. All four of the girls were carrying platters of food and when they set them down on the small table to the side of our room I saw, along with the usual milk, a stack of thick pieces of toast next to a jar of honey, a plate of (presumably) fresh picked strawberries, and an uniced chocolate cake so small it should really be called a chocolate muffin. Karyn and I sat down on the love seat in front of the table and I draped my left wing over her shoulders and she draped her rightwing over mine so we were all nice and snug.' 

The meal was enjoyable, aside from the fact that the four serving girls just stood there watching us eat, which was a little weird. Part of me halfway wanted to offer them something, but I knew they would probably freak out and assume I was testing their loyalty and would kill them if they took a bite. Jeeez, these people are weird. I mean, I love Karyn but everyone here was just a bit to uptight.

When we were finished, the girls collected the dishes and one of the older ones said, in the same high, girlish voice, "My Queen, when we have disposed of these dishes, do you require your servants to dress you for this afternoons meetings?" It took me a second to unravel her convoluted question, so I simply answered "Yes."

They left quickly. While they were gone, Karyn and I helped each other out of our morning clothes and tossed them into a whicker hamper the servants had left. Then, naked, we each picked out a new pair of panties for the other. We intentionally picked out the frilliest and most girly pair of panties for each other. The pair Karyn made me wear was a thong that pulled right in between my butt cheeks and only had a tiny triangle that just covered my vulva but had an extremely poofy skirt attached to the waistband. The whole thing was made out of lace. We the picked out the dresses that we wanted to wear and waited.

When the servants returned they kept their eyes focused on the ground so they wouldn't see my uncovered bosom. I don't think they were allowed to look me in the eye anyway, but they certainly weren't allowed to see my nakedness, or Karyn's for that matter.' 

The servants paired up, an older one and a younger one for each of us. The younger ones must have been pupils or something, because they seemed very nervous and tense.

The first thing they did was put us in our corsets. Since the corsets would be hidden under our dresses, we'd gone for comfort, not style. Mine was unadorned except for some fluff around the top, which was just over my nipples. Of course it wasn't completely comfortable because it kept my back ramrod straight, pushed my bosom up unnaturally, and was a little to tight over my growing baby bump. Soon I probably wouldn't even be able to wear one, so I decided to endure it while I had to.

Next came the petticoat. It came to just above the floor and felt like a huge fluffy, pink, conical cloud had been attached to my waist. I mean, the thing was huge and it stuck out about three feet away from me at the base. It was also a little unnecessarily warm for the local weather but whatever.' 

The last part of the actual dress was the dress itself. I think I might have said earlier that all dresses were strapless Well now, it was all nonformal dresses that were strapless. This one had big fluffy shoulders made of lace. From the shoulders, the dress was cut into a V in both the front and the back. I could understand in the back to let my wings be free, but I don't know why it had to come to a point just above my waist. On the front it ended just low enough that the top of my corset was exposed. On both sides a massive frilly bow was placed right underneath the point of the V. That meant that the one in front obscured a direct view of my chest, and the one in back, would be on my booty. Yippie, something else frilly to sit on.' 

The actual bodice of the dress clung tight to my skin with only tiny horizontal ripples. At the bottom of each ripple was a thin strand of silver thread that encircled my body. Bagging from this thread at regular intervals were tinny silver bells that jiggled with every step. The skirt of the dress was, obviously, pushed way out by my petticoats and came right down to the floor. It was actually about and inch think because the top of the dress was fluffy bunches on stuff that felt like the down on my previous dress. Mixed in were more silver bells. It complete the clothing portion if my outfit, a pair of tight fitting, sliver, above the elbow gloves.

Next the servants led us to mirror and began doing our makeup and adding accessories. They enhanced my blush, overly thickened my lip gloss, and curved my eyelashes. They added large silver earrings that hung down to my cheek on silver cords before turning into beautiful spirals. Then the clipped a necklace around my neck that was made of silver flowers connected by three silver chains and had a white pearl in the middle of each flower. From the flower in the middle of my neck hung a second flower twice the size of the others. Small silver bells were added to my hair (it only took about five strands to hold up one) along with tinny bulbs that released the scent on jasmine. Finally, the traditional bouquet of flowers were tucked into our bosoms.' 

The very last thing I wore was my royal tiara. Thick loops of silver that started 1/2 an inch wide where my hair held on top it and added up to 6" in the center. Right in the very center was a pearl that was a perfect globe of the Earth. At regular intervals around it were other (slightly smaller) pearls that doubled as maps of each of the important planets we controlled.' 

I looked over at Karyn and smiled. Then, hand in hand, we walked under the curtain.

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