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6. Getting dresses, a long and pa

5. A new world, a new body

4. The real alien Overlords

3. Out of control wish

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Getting dressed, a long and difficult procedure

on 2012-04-02 23:49:20

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The curtains were pulled back, revealing two women that were older than me and pretty, but not as beautiful as I was. They both wore long flowing sleeveless purple dresses with big skirts and purple gloves that came past their elbows. Their light brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. They curtseyed while saying, "My lady," in low respectful tones.' 

"If it pleases you highness," the first one said, "we will dress you now. I nodded, and they began pulling things out of the drawers. I noticed that everything they brought out was a bright pink. This made sense, because according to my memories, only the royalty was allowed to wear pink, and therefore had become a status symbol. In fact, every color represented something. Purple, the closest to pink, was for the Royal families handmaidens, who double as her harem. Blue was the color worn by nobles and high ranking military officers. Red was worn by soldiers, which included pilots. Yellow was worn by children, but white was for babies. Green was the colors of the common person and the peasantry. Black was the garment of death, for any person. The more cloth in the outfit, the higher rank the person had. As queen, I would have to be almost swimming in dresses.

The first thing put on me was what must be an underdress, because it was very soft and fluffy. It had two straps that went over my shoulders. These straps were very wide, fluffy and thick, obviously meant to be a padding. Interestingly, the actual dress started right under my boobs. There was a ribbon that tied just above my pussy. The rest hung and just reached my feet. After that there were five train dresses. There were loops along the top of the first and little ribbons on the next tied to it. This was the pattern for each next dress. I called them train dresses because each one had a very long skirt that trailed behind me like a train. Each new one was longer than the previous one. The last followed ten feet behind me.

Next was a corset. It had cups that came just over the nipples and the bottom was right where the ribbon line was. My hand maidens tied it very tight, pushing my boobs up.' 

The next level was more like my normal idea of a dress. It was a thicker material. It tied onto the top of the corset. A big ribbon tied around my waist. The skirt was huge, maybe five feet across. The next dress (boy there was a lot) was exactly like the very first except the strap was smaller and it was trailing almost ten feet behind me. At the same time, two soft gloves were pulled over my hands and came up to my shoulders. Finally, the last dress was pulled over my head. It ended an inch above the ground, but had a two inch frilly trim. This one was full of big ruffles. It had huge puffy shoulders, but revealed everything from my neck to the top of my boobs.' 

This area was filled with an ornate piece of jewelry. Four gold chains were looped together. From them hung a weird cross shape made of gold and covered in pink diamonds. Little pieces hung around it, each one gold with pink diamonds. It must cost more than my entire old family used to make in five years.

Next came my head piece. Two big loops of hair hung on either side of my head and game down to my shoulders. The rest of the hair was braided with more gold chains in a big bubble on my head. A golden tiara with big looping arches was attached to them. A thick remaining band was French braided so it lay down my back. The last thing they attached to me was two different types of earrings. Closer to my body were golden chain-like things laced with diamonds that hung down to my shoulders. A little outside of that were what I would consider hooker loops.

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