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24. Back in topside

23. Yep. Shopping.

22. Not a great start

21. A little backstory

20. An awkward reunion

19. On a time limit.

18. Back to Karyn

17. An accidental meeting in a gar

16. Even more of Jon's morning.

15. Continuing in Jon's day.

14. Back to Jon

13. The queen's morning

12. The princess's morning

11. All together now

10. All hail to her majesty

9. Karyn Chooses

8. Further Complications

7. Royalty

6. Jon's House

5. Yet Another Magic Item

Bookmark: Meanwhile, in our world

on 2020-02-05 12:28:53
Episode last modified by Enjeubleu on 2020-02-05 14:19:01

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Something I thought could happen alongside the other path--to an extent. I have a few too many ideas on how this could go, so I'm not sure how canon it'll be to the other path or how/if they'll even intersect.

Dave Gibson was a simple man of simple pleasures. On a good day, he’d have a productive time at work selling propane and propane accessories, go home for a relaxing time with his family, and not get dragged into the machinations of some scary magical device Jon probably found.

Today was not a good day.

He was aware of this fact from the moment he woke up; his arthritis was acting up and Zoe had spent quite some time during breakfast telling Dave that he, as quoted, “wasn't good enough for mom anyway.”

He probably wasn’t, but it still wasn’t very polite of Zoe to keep making fun of him for it. Even Mikey was starting to follow her lead! Now, Dave’s heart was warmed to see his kids bonding over something, but why did it have to be how little they respected their father? He knew he wasn’t the most interesting person to be around, but if they spent a bit more time with him, maybe they’d realize his collection of poorly-aged-but-obscure fantasy novels wasn't as insult-worthy as they kept telling him!

The creepy magic bookmark wasn’t doing all that much to improve his mood, either. The way it glowed and made Dave’s body ache in weird ways reminded him of his time in Hillsborough, California. Too much excitement for him, thank you. And so, Dave opted to do what he did best: leave his problems behind closed doors, pretending they didn’t exist. This always worked until now, so why stop now?

The sudden muscles spasms caused by his magical transformation, that’s what. They left the man gesticulating on the floor like the mess he pretended he wasn't.

But just who or what was he turning into?

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