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2. High School Jock

1. Altered Fates

A Bad Decision

on 2015-05-26 00:13:47

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"That was fantastic", Chad said as he rolled off Vanessa and lay down beside her.

Chad and Vanessa had been hooking up for over three months now, but he still felt a little guilty every time they did. This was mainly because Vanessa was the girlfriend of Chad's teammate and best friend, Jesse. Both Jesse and Chad played on the high school football team, Jesse being the D1-bound star quarterback and Chad one of the top junior wide receivers in the area. They had been friends for years, making Chad feel horrible about hooking up with Vanessa at first. But after a few rounds of absolutely mind-blowing sex, Chad's guilt quickly faded away.

It had started fairly innocently; all three were at a party at one of their teammate's houses one night. Vanessa got drunk and needed to go home, but Jesse wanted to stay and keep partying. Chad hadn't drank much that night and offered to take her home since it was on his way. During the car ride, she drunkenly came onto him and, her being one of the hottest girls in the senior class; Chad eagerly went along with it. The next day, they agreed it was a mistake and wouldn't happen again...until the next weekend when they met up drunkenly at another party. After that they began meeting up regularly behind Jesse's back, often at Vanessa's house because her parents often worked late.

Chad checked out Vanessa's tight ass as she got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She was a marvel, blonde hair, slightly over 5 feet but with sexy curves that fit her body, and she always wore her cheerleading outfit with the super-short skirt. He was infatuated with her and didn't even care that she was still banging Jesse consistently in addition to him. The girl had a high sex drive and was always down for anything; Chad was more than happy to fulfill her needs.

It was the Friday afternoon before their spring break. Chad and his family were leaving later that night to go on vacation in the Caribbean for the next week, so he went over to Vanessa's place after school to get one last romp in. Jesse was on the baseball team, so they could safely hook up at her place while he was at practice.

Vanessa walked back from the bathroom completely naked with her firm C-cups jiggling with every step. Chad's last remaining guilt vanished at the sight.

"I'm sad you're going to be gone for over a week", she said as she laid back down on the bed and put her blonde head on his chest.

"I know. It sucks that you have to stay in town for break. At least some of your friends will be around", he replied. He wanted to add that Jesse would be in town too because of baseball, but they generally avoided discussing him when together, probably due to shared guilt.

"Yeah I guess you're right. I just wish I could be on the beach though instead of here."

"I wish you could be there too. But to make up for it, I got you a gift." Chad rolled off the bed and grabbed his backpack off the ground. Reaching inside, he pulled out an old medallion.

"Since you've been into old jewelry lately, I saw this at a garage sale across the street from me and got it for you. It's a little rusty but I thought you'd like it", he said as he handed it to her.

As she reached out and grabbed it, they each felt a spark. Dismissing it as just static, Vanessa replied, "Oh thank you! That's so sweet!" and put it around her neck. "I have something that might be able to clean it up a bit." She gave him a deep kiss and cuddled back up next to him.

Chad laid in bed, with Vanessa against him, and felt a twinge of sadness, more that he wouldn't have sex with her again for over than a week than anything else. He also felt Vanessa getting heavier on his chest, like she had suddenly gained twenty pounds. He looked down and saw her legs started to grow longer and her hair turn darker.

Jumping to his feet and yelled, he realized that he was changing as well. Vanessa stood up and yelled at him for knocking her off him suddenly. Where Chad once towered over Vanessa, they were now similar heights. Vanessa then noticed the changes as well and ran to her mirror in horror. After a few shocking minutes, they stood staring at their former bodies.

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