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2. altered fates

1. Altered Fates

My Adventure Begins

on 2013-06-24 09:24:16

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It all started about a year ago during the city wide yardsale. It was near the end of the day and everyone was starting to close up shop as I pulled up to the last sale on my list. As I entered I was haanded a grocerey and told to fill it and it would only cost $2.00 per bag.
As i started I found several cd's and Dvd's, a few pocket watches, A pair of boots that my girlfriend has been hinting about in her size no less. This cool looking bronze medalion in it's own box, and several other items. Well I paid for the bag and headed to the mall because tomorrow is her birthday. I figured I would suprize her with some new lingerie.
I arrived home about 20 minutes before she did so I was able to stash the package the lingerie and go through some of the other items purchased at the yardsale. I placed the boots by her chair and the medalion on the dresser in the bedroom.
When She got home and spotted the boots Wanted to thank me in a big way She told me to get ready for a night to remember. Well I got all prept for her and she came in without a stich on and procided to one of the best nights I have ever had. Then she spots the medalion on the dresser and puts it on then comes back over and cuddles when the medalion touches we both get a shock neither one of us thinks mutch of it. I tell her it's cold and she takes it off we drift off. WWhen morning comes neither of us is expecting to see our own bodies naked.

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