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9. Sex Ball: Learning one's limit

8. Sex Ball: Try to think it thro

7. Having a Sex ball

6. Something completely different

5. Strange Changes

4. The Treatments Begin

3. Bizarre Punishment

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Sex Ball: Learning one's limitations

on 2013-09-12 04:08:48

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Jon was woken from a near doze by the sound of her bedroom door opening, then closing again. Her eyes flickered open slightly dazedly, and she realised she was still rubbing her ball. The sensation of her hand on the slick rubber made her feel quite relaxed. Karyn leaned against the inside of the door for a moment, watching her with an odd expression before walking over and sitting in the chair beside the bed with a sigh. Jon glanced at her inquiringly.

"No luck." Karyn looked very annoyed, and Jon felt a wave of worry go through her. "Either they're all telling the truth, in which case no one has seen the stone, or one of them is lying, in which case they're better at lying than I am at seeing that someone is lying." She sighed again and leaned back in the chair, putting her feet up on the bed next to Jon's lower sphere. "Zoe said she hasn't been in your room, other than when we carried you up here, for weeks. She seemed sincere, and worried about you. Mikey admitted he had been in here a few days ago, because he wanted to borrow a pencil from your desk. He seemed embarrassed, he said you'd told him not to keep taking your stuff. But he's not been in since, and also seemed to be telling the truth."

"He's not a good liar," Jon said with a slight smile. "He always ends up scratching his ear when he's not telling the truth. He'd make a terrible poker player." Karyn laughed a little.

"You parents both said they haven't been in here since yesterday morning, in the case of your mother, to change your bedclothes, and last week sometime, in the case of your father. Again, they seemed truthful enough."

"What did you tell them about why you were asking?" Jon said, curiously. Karyn shrugged.

"More or less the truth. You'd misplaced something you wanted to show me, and wondered if anyone might have seen it. I told them it was a mineral sample you'd found which looked interesting. I didn't mention it was a magic rock with cosmic powers that can reshape reality, oddly enough." She grinned at her friend for a minute, then looked serious again.

"So, what next? If one of them took it, I have no idea how to find out, but I doubt they did. Although once more, if someone has the rock, god knows what could happen. I mean, for all we know you never even had a sister until a few hours ago, and whoever has the rock wished her into existence." Jon stared at her in disbelief, a very worried and paranoid expression crossing her face.

"God, don't say things like that. That damn thing really mucks up your sense of what's real. If we start thinking about it like that we'll go down the rabbit hole and never come back." She giggled nervously. Karyn nodded soberly.

"I know. It's pretty horrifying." She paused for a moment, then added, "I wish that you'd never got the bloody thing. The more I think about it the more ways I can see for things to go horribly wrong." Jon looked at her, then down at herself, with raised eyebrows.

"I think it already has."


There was silence for a while as they busied themselves with their own thoughts. Eventually, Karyn asked slowly, "So. What's do we do now? If everyone in the house is telling the truth, and if the stone didn't magic itself out of here somehow, and if someone outside took it, and if they know what it is, I have no idea how to find them. Or figure out why all this happened, or undo it." Jon nodded unhappily.

"That's too many ifs, but I see your point." She thought for a while. "I guess, at least for the time being, I have no choice. I'm stuck like this until and unless we can either find the stone, or whoever took it, or some other form of magic that might undo what happened." Karyn stared at her in surprise. The thought that there might be some other type of magic artefact was one she hadn't considered. Although, now that Jon mentioned it, she couldn't see any reason why it wasn't possible. After all, the mere existence of the stone was proof that magic, or something enough like it to be indistinguishable from it, existed. If so, why not more than one source?

"OK. I hadn't thought of that, but OK. So, what then? Learn to deal with being like this, but keep out eyes open for something to change you back?" Jon looked at her for a moment, then nodded with an unhappy expression.

"What else can I do?" She looked at herself, then reached up and gently squeezed her breasts. "I don't see I have a choice, I'm this thing until either the people at the lab figure out a way to reverse it, which they didn't think was likely or even possible, or until we find the stone or something similar. So, I'm going to have to get used to it."

Karyn inspected her with interest. "You seem to be dealing with it better now." Jon sighed heavily.

"I'm not. I feel like screaming and kicking the shit out of something." She slapped her ball lightly, and laughed bitterly. "Not that I'm likely to be kicking anything for some time, if ever." Karyn looked at her lower extremity again and was forced to agree. "But, while that might help for a moment, in the end I'm still this." She waved a hand to indicate her body. "This is me. All of it. I'm just going to have to live with it." Folding her hands behind her head she watched her friend's face.

"With you to help me, I think I can," she added softly. Karyn smiled, with a tear in her eye.

"Oh, damn it, Jon. Why did you make that stupid wish?"

"I have no idea. I've been trying to put myself in the mindset I had last night, and I can't. There are so many things about all of this that don't make any sense, aside from the obvious."

They looked at each other for a while. "All right," Karyn said eventually, "what do you want to do, then?" Jon thought, looking down at herself.

"What I'd most like to do is be able to move around on my own. This is like being paralysed from the waist down, but worse because I couldn't even get into a wheelchair. I can kind of stand up, if you can call it that, and turn around, but so far that's all I can do. I don't even know if I can go from lying down to 'standing' by myself." She reached up and felt her handles with both hands, squeezing them gently then experimentally pulling on them.

"I really don't want to have to have someone grabbing these things and pulling me up onto my ball whenever I fall over." Looking slightly surprised, she snickered. "My ball. I can't believe I said that."

"I can't believe you only have one," Karyn said with a sneaky grin. Jon stared at her for a moment, then burst out laughing. Her friend soon joined her.

"Thanks, Kar. I needed that," Jon said when the laughter died down. The girl in the chair smiled.

"OK, so what can you do by yourself? Let's find out what your abilities and limitations really are." Jon nodded while looking down at her own body. After a moment, she tried rolling over, and found that while it felt weird, it was fairly easy to do. She could shift her ball around and bend her torso, rolling onto her side facing Karyn. She had to prop her head up on her hand, finding that otherwise her handle-horn dug into the bed with a weird sensation.

"Doesn't that hurt?," her friend asked curiously, looking at how sharply bent her waist was in that position. She looked down at herself, then shook her head.

"Not really. I seem to be much more flexible now, especially around my waist." She rolled onto her stomach with not much difficulty, but found this position was a bit uncomfortable, mainly due to her very large breasts between her chest and the bed. They flattened and spread sideways under the pressure, the stimulation making her big nipples stick out in a way that felt odd. Karyn looked at her and was amazed, she could easily see both breasts past her torso, as they flowed out to the sides. Her ball was sharply bent back, allowing nearly all of her front surface to contact the bed except for a few inches in front of the ball.

"This feels really weird," Jon said, rolling onto her side again. "My tits get squished, and it's an odd feeling. Not really painful, just strange. I guess I'll have to get used to it." Karyn's eyes gravitated to the breasts and more to the point the nipples, which were very obvious under the stretchy fabric of her top. She was shocked at how large they were and how far they protruded. Jon followed her eyes and swallowed. "Good grief, these things are huge!" she said, reaching up with one hand and feeling one of them. She shivered at the sensation, even through the fabric, of her hand on it.

"They're certainly... impressive," Karyn agreed, unconsciously glancing down at her own wish-enlarged breasts and deciding that she'd gotten off lightly. Jon's new chest adornments were at least twice the size.

After a moment's staring from both of them, Jon coughed. "Um, right. So, I can move around on the bed easily enough. I suppose that's good. But it doesn't look like I can lie on my side on a pillow, my handles get in the way." Karyn studied at the indicated body parts.

"Do you really think of them as handles rather than horns? That seems a bit, I don't know, objectifying." Jon felt one of them and grimaced.

"I don't see any point in denying it. They're clearly handles, and intended as such. They're meant for someone to hold onto when riding me." She shivered a little. "I still can't believe that's my purpose. To be ridden and bounced around on." Her friend nodded sympathetically.

"I can imagine, it's demeaning at best." Jon stared at her with a slightly worried look.

"That's not really it." She was silent for a long moment. "The real problem is that, deep down, I kind of want it to happen," she admitted quietly. Karyn stared.


"I know, it's perverse. But, I think this transformation goes a little deeper than the obvious." The admission was painful, but she felt her best friend had a right to know. "It's not like I actively want to be used like that. I really don't. But... There's a little part of me that says, if it was someone I cared about, it wouldn't be so bad. It's what I'm for, after all, I'm a toy. A sex toy." She looked horribly embarrassed and couldn't meet Karyn's eyes. Her friend stared at her for a long time, then reached out and took her hand.

"You're not for anything. You're not a sex toy, you may have the body of one, but you're a free person, you have the right to decide what you do. But I think I sort of understand." The seated girl watched her friend as the ball-girl slowly looked up at her. "Let me know if those feelings get any stronger, though. And, well, if you feel you want to be bounced on, I guess I could help you." She briefly grinned. "You remember that when I was eight my space hopper was one of my favourite toys."

Jon nodded with a small embarrassed smile. "And now your best friend is also your favourite toy, you mean?" Karyn shrugged.

"I wouldn't put it quite like that. But I guess so."

"Please don't tell anyone else about this," Jon requested with a worried look. Karyn shook her head.

"Of course I won't, Jon. It's private between you and me. So is anything else unless you tell me it isn't." Grateful once again that her best friend was her best friend, Jon smiled, then turned her attention back to herself. Frowning slightly, she experimentally tried lifting her ball a little, and found it was light enough that the weight of her torso would counterbalance it well. She was just able to get it an inch or so off the bed. After a moment's thought, she slowly pushed herself around on the bed until her ball was sticking out over the edge, Karyn getting up and moving the chair out of the way to allow this.

Pushing herself further out until she could feel the edge of the mattress against her waist she carefully allowed the ball to droop, and lowered the rest of her body after it. When it touched the floor she was at about a forty five degree angle, and with care was able to push herself upright, until she was balancing on the globular termination of her body, swaying a little. "Ha!" she exclaimed in triumph. "I have mastered getting out of bed!" She said the last part in a theatrical way, making Karyn giggle.

"Very well done," she replied, clapping her hands. "So now what?" Jon's face fell.

"Ah. Umm..."

After an uncomfortable pause, she suddenly got an idea. Twisting hard at the waist she swivelled around in the way she'd already discovered she could, but this time she immediately swung back the other way, while leaning forward a little. A few practice swings, then Karyn was watching with both hands over her mouth desperately trying not to scream with laughter, as Jon slowly wobbled herself across the room. Each swing moved her a couple of inches, and the result looked hilarious, as her ball reciprocated frantically, her breasts wobbling massively from side to side in opposition to the movements of her lower half. They were so heavy they actually made her tilt a little from side to side as she moved, which interestingly seemed to help rather than hinder her.

That said, the motion was so obvious and impressive that Karyn was certain it would make any normal male, and most females, simply stop and stare in shock. Jon was so caught up in the moment she didn't notice at first, but eventually the muffled noises her friend was making attracted her attention and she looked over with a smile. "Look! I'm walking!" Karyn couldn't take it any more and collapsed onto the bed, convulsing with laughter. "What?" Jon asked with a certain amount of annoyance, swinging around to face the other way and putting her hands on her hips, or where they'd be if she still had any. Karyn stared at her for a moment breathlessly, and then when she began 'walking' back, rolled onto her back and just howled with hilarity.

After a moment Jon happened to catch sight of herself in the mirror hanging on the back of the door, and turned her head to stare. Suddenly realising just what her friend found so funny she reached up and supported her huge breasts with her hands, only then noticing how much they moved around. She coloured a bit, then snapped at the laughing girl on the bed, "It's not that damn funny!"

Karyn raised her head to look at her, and choked out in a strangled voice, "Oh, trust me, it is. It really, truly is." Another wave of laughter struck her and she pounded the mattress while shaking with amusement. Jon crossed her arms over her chest and glared, but after a moment joined in.

Eventually they both stopped laughing, and Karyn sat up, swinging her legs over the bed and looking at her friend. "OK, fair enough, you can move around the room. But leaving aside the humour value, it's pretty slow. And what about the stairs?" Jon frowned a little.

"Hmm. I don't know." she tapped her chin with one finger, thinking, while Karyn watched her. After a while her friend got up and circled around her, inspecting her. "What?" she asked curiously, noticing what the blonde was doing.

"I'm just kind of curious. I didn't really look at you earlier, I was just listening to what happened. But, now I'm just interested, I guess." She reached out a hand, then hesitated. "Do you mind if...?" Jon shook her head.

"No, go ahead. Touch me, I understand you're curious." She thought for a second, then added, "but could you lock the door first? I, well, I don't really want anyone else walking in on us. This is kind of personal." Karyn nodded, then flipped the latch on the door, returning to Jon's side. Kneeling down next to her, she tentatively reached out and caressed her ball. Jon watched with a small smile.

"What does this feel like?" her friend asked with interest.

"Actually, it's kind of nice. My whole body seems to be more sensitive to touch now, even the bits that look artificial. I can feel everything perfectly, although I'm still having trouble understanding it all." Karyn nodded, gently pressing on her ball and watching it flex. As when Jon fainted earlier, she was surprised by how easily it bent under her hand. The ball-girl watched with a smile. "You can press harder, it doesn't hurt." Karyn looked at her face for a moment, then leaned on her ball fairly heavily. The whole sphere distorted a little and Jon made a weird little noise. Karyn immediately backed off the pressure, worried.

"Are you OK?" Jon nodded with a smile.

"Yes, I'm fine. It's a really weird feeling though. Feeling something like that, part of your body changing shape then springing back... It's weird, but it's a bit erotic, I guess you could say." They looked at each other for a moment, both aware how strange all this was. With a sudden grin, Jon put her hands behind her and rolled backwards, catching herself on her hands so her torso was sticking up at an angle and what was the front of her ball was now more or less upwards.

"Go on." Karyn looked puzzled. "Sit on me. I want to see what it feels like. That weird nurse did it but I was so out of it I can't really remember. And I wasn't ready for it." Karyn stared.

"Are you sure?" Jon nodded.

"Yes. I need to know. I still have this strange little feeling at the back of my mind that says it's what I'm supposed to let someone do. But there's no way I'm letting anyone but you do it. So have a go." Her friend inspected her curiously for a long moment, then shrugged and carefully straddled her ball, cautiously lowering her weight onto her friend. Jon squeaked a little at the sensation, but found it was both easy to bear and felt surprisingly nice. Her ball spread out, bulging sideways and distorting into an oval. It was a very strong feeling, something she could almost lose herself in, having more than half her body flexing and bowing under the pressure of her best friend.

Karyn was watching her expression, wondering what she was feeling. It certainly didn't seem to be unpleasant. Jon closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them and smiled at her. Experimentally she lifted first one hand, then the other when she found that Karyn's weight was holding her ball stable even with her torso sticking out off-centre. Bending forward a little she put her hands on Karyn's shoulders, then slipped them around her neck. "Bounce up and down a little." The other girl looked at her, then sighed and followed orders. With her feet on the floor holding them in a stable position she raised herself a little, then lowered her weight fairly suddenly, feeling her friend distort under her rear. It was very strange thinking that the sensation of sitting on a huge rubber ball, like something from a gym, was actually her sitting on her best friend's body.

Jon grunted a little but smiled. "You can try harder if you want. That feels weird but nice." Karyn lifted and dropped harder, feeling Jon flex and rebound even more. The part human girl grinned. "Really strange." She leaned a little more forward and quickly kissed Karyn on the cheek. "Thanks. There's no way I could have asked anyone else to do that." Her friend stared at her in surprise for a moment, then hugged her. She hugged back, suddenly feeling like she might be able to deal with all this with a friend like Karyn helping. They embraced for some time, Karyn holding her friend in her arms while sitting on her.

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