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2. A random male teen

1. Altered Fates

Strange Tales

on 2011-05-30 22:39:36

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That lucky person went by the name of Jacob Brigg, and he was your average, everman, etc. 16-year-old teen. He was just wandering, with no firm destination in mind, when he happened unpon the bric-a-brac stall.

He had $15 bucks in his pocket, so why the hell not? He started looking around.
A little while later, he'd picked up a few CDs and a book he'd been meaning to read for a long time. He was just going to go pay when he saw the black box. It didn't look very interesting, but Jacob picked it up anyway. He wasn't sure why.

Inside was an old, rusted medallion. It wasn't very attractive; honestly, it was ugly as shit. Jacob picked it up and turned it over in his hand a few times, inspecting it. His sister's birthday was in a few days, and she loved this kind of stuff. It'd make a good present. He had just decided to buy it when he noticed the note that was also in the box.

It read:

"Hello. If you're reading this, you are the luckiest person on Earth. The medallion you also found in this box may not look very useful, but trust me: it is POWERFUL. I'm going to drop a bombshell on you now. You might not beleive: that's OK. Put the box down and go on with life.
With the medallion, you can make any wish you want, and it will come true.
If you're still reading, I'm completely serious. Try it now, if you want. Pick the medallion up, look directly at it, and say these words:
'eus ex machina lorem ipsum dolor amet spellus magicus'. Then say your wish.
Within 5-12 seconds, it should become reality. Now; be careful with this. Don't fuck it up! Don't try to solve world hunger or stuff like that, it just turns out worse for everyone. Trust me. Try to stick to wishes that only affect 10 or less people. I hope you enjoy this power vested upon you, and that you use it wisely. Have fun."

Jacob thought: Whatta load of bullshit.
He took the box and his things to the counter, paid $10.50 and was on his way.
That night, though, while he was getting ready to package the medallion, a strange fancy overtook him.

Can't do no harm, right?

He held the medallion, intoned the words, and wished for...
Wished for...
What was he gonna wish for?

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