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2. Buster-partial

1. Altered Fates


on 2011-04-19 01:27:45

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Joey was all alone.
Just the previous week, another girlfriend had dumped him. Told him that she never wanted to see him again.

He walked slowly not thinking, up and down the aisles of the yard sale that he had decided to browse to pass the time.

Then a box caught his eye. HE opened it and saw a small medallion. It was covered with age.

He took a corner of his shirt and tried to rub some of the grime off of it. It had no effect whatsoever.

He then noticed the paper under the medallion.

Ready it, he knew that he MUST have it. Luckily it was only about $5.

He bought it and drove home wondering what to do with it.

Running along the sidewalk was one of his old girlfriends from High school. She had breasts that put Pamela Andersen to shame.

That was when he figured it out. He could turn into a girl and have as much fun as he wanted.

Arriving at his house he began to look for some of the outfits that his long list of girlfriends had never bothered to ask returned.

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