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13. After class

12. Class with Sarah

11. Walk Like a Lady

10. Time for School

9. Sissy Curse: Lips

8. Finding Karyn

7. Hair Styling

6. The Sissy Curse.

5. A Sister's Curse

4. The next morning

3. My Sister the Witch

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Sissy Curse: After Class

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Jon breathed a small sigh of relief when the end of second period rolled around, it wasn't long before he'd be free of Sarah for a while. He thought back to some of the stuff that had happened during the lesson. It had taken some time, but he had gotten somewhat used to the top Sarah had given him, but aside from his now-pink lips and the top, Sarah had one last 'lesson' for Jon.

As soon as she had noticed the notebook Karyn gave him, he found himself with no choice but to give it to her. The curse kicked in and prevented him from being able to resist. She looked at the rules that Karyn had him write down and smiled, before having Jon adjust the list, even altering the wording of previous rules. It now read:

  1. Behave and I become a girl. Misbehave and I become a sissy.
  2. I must keep my hair styled and presentable at all times. - SISSY RULE
  3. If I'm around other people, I need to be wearing lipstick. - SISSY RULE
  4. I must walk like a lady at all times.
  5. I am not allowed to wear men's shirts.

"Remember Jon, any rules involved in your punishments are marked as Sissy Rules. You'll have to earn the right to go back to the normal version." Sarah grinned as the rest of the class began to leave. "Got to admit, I'm looking forward to seeing how big that list grows. Now let's go." She added, before getting up and picking up her bag.
"Let's go? Together?" Jon asked, a little worried.
"Only for a minute or two. I've already got the stuff I need for third period. I just want to see your walk." Sarah replied.
"...Fine." Jon said, reluctantly getting up. Staying out of sight wasn't going to be easy when Sarah was nearby.

Jon blushed with embarrassment as Sarah walked next to him, her watching his feet at all times as the two of them sauntered side by side. It was made even worse by the fact that Sarah was having him criss-cross his steps while she didn't. Thankfully, she was true to her word in one respect, it was only a minute or two before she left to go to a different part of the school, leaving Jon alone. Breathing a sigh of relief that he wasn't subject to another girl's whims for a moment, he swapped back to the more casual walk that Mrs. Harris had taught him and found it much quicker to get to where he was going.

Just as he turned a corner and saw his locker, he felt the curse kick in as another girl grabbed his hand.

“Come on Jon, your locker can wait. It's time for my lesson!"

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