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2. Alternate Reality Device

1. You Are What You Wish

Alternate Reality Device

on 2020-01-08 22:22:31

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Jon arrive home from school, opening the front door the smell of incense burning overwhelmed his sense of smell. This wasn't the first time, and it meant his mother wasn't home. His sister Zoe burnt them when she wasn't around because their mother hated the smell of them. Jon thought about it for a moment, how long was she going to be gone for its already late afternoon. Jon slowly moved to upstair, he passed his sisters room, if he had to describe it was stereo typical goth, black painted walls, black out curtains, and a bunch of stuff he didn't care to understand that littered the floor any open inch it could find on a flat surface. He stopped for a moment and asked.

"Do you know when Mom is going to be home"

His sister looked up annoyed, but was probably faking it

"Probably not until tomorrow, she got called out of town, something about a investors meeting they weren't prepared for" Jon looked around the room his sister was in.

"Ok, Dad still out of town"

Zoe stood up and started towards the door putting a hand on it before starting to close it

"ya he is anymore stupid questions" she said as shut the door so he couldn't see in her room anymore. Well at least I won't be bothered while I figure out what to do with this stone Jon thought to himself. He moved on to his own bed room, he really should lock this stone away where no one can ever get it. It had already messed up his friend Karyn and while he wanted to fix it there was just to many things that could go wrong by trying to fix it. He also wanted to play with it change things so they were how he wanted them to be. If he was carful maybe he could just make a few wishes, the power was tempting. Jon thought to himself about all the things he would wish for, but how would he do it so it wasn't permanent. That is when Jon came up with an Idea, he would wish for a device that altered reality however he saw fit. He would make it so that only he remember how things were.

Jon opened his book bag and pulled out the box with the stone in it. He contemplated it for a moment before grabbing the stone and holding in his closed fist. The stone was light but it felt like it was the heaviest thing in the world afraid he would screw up the wish.

"I wish for a device that could alter reality however I see fit" He said aloud. There was a flash of light and he closed his eyes out of reflex and then he opened his eyes he saw his room, nothing seemed out of place good. But where was the device he wished for. He looked around his room, and after a minute of search spotted a small square box sitting on his desk next to his computer. Jon held it in his hands for a moment thinking about what he would do with it. Before he did anything with it he turned his attention back to the stone. Had he wished for it correctly he through, no he didn't he had forgotten something important.

"I wish that I would remember this reality and how things were no matter how much I change things" this time the stone only kinda glowed as it wasn't a very difficult wish. This made Jon think about how he could make the device easier to use just in case.

"I wish the device I wished for had a large red button under a cover on the side the reset reality back to the way it was before any changes were made" The stone glowed slightly again. I guess it was only a modification wish he thought, now he couldn't get stuck in a reality he didn't want to be in.

"Now to deal with the stone" Jon mumbled. "I don't want anyone in the altered reality getting ahold of it, that could be really bad" Jon looked around the room and spotted a drawer on his night stand.

"I wish only I could open this drawer, and only when no changes to reality have occurred" The store let out a blinding flash of light again, Jon was getting use to this, Jon put the stone in the drawer and shut it, after all he wouldn't need it to try out some of his fantasies now. Jon went back to the device and picked it up. He wanted to try it out but now he was starting to chicken out what if it didn't work the way he wanted it to. He better try it out on someone or something else first but who?

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