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10. All hail to her majesty

9. Karyn Chooses

8. Further Complications

7. Royalty

6. Jon's House

5. Yet Another Magic Item

4. Mysterious Trinkets

3. A couple months down the road

2. Jon decides this thing is bad

1. You Are What You Wish

Not according to plan

on 2020-01-01 15:50:17
Episode last modified by Enjeubleu on 2020-01-04 23:10:49

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Karyn felt a tingling sensation as her own transformation began. Just as with Jon, it started in her scalp, and in many ways the changes were quite similar to those Jon experienced.

Karen was expecting her hair to recede, per her selected character’s description, but it instead opted to lengthen at a frightening pace, lightening to match Jon’s—or Allaria’s—in color.

“This is… different?” Karen was confused. Dara Greenleaf did not have long blond hair that almost reached the ground. Quite the opposite, actually. Just what was going on?

She turned to examine the book, to make sure she didn’t select the wrong character description. She did not reach it--the sudden changes threw the poor girl to the floor in a surprised panic. They weren’t as jarring as Jon’s, but they felt incredibly wrong nonetheless.

Karen felt pins and needles envelop her breasts, and, much to her chagrin, they grew. In contrast to many of her fellow students at school, Karen very much was not a fan of her bust: too much of the wrong attention, too awkward on her body type, and way too inconvenient. And now they had to go and get even bigger.

“I’m not turning into Dara, am I?” Karen was bummed out. She wanted to be the badass half-elf bodyguard, not another elven sex-icon like Jon. This was a lot funnier when it was just him.

Hips widened, legs lengthened, hands and feet altered to become more delicate. Karen stood, and, even in her human clothes, the changes were obvious: she looked almost identical to Jon.

“This sucks! I feel like a kid who got the wrong present on—Gah!” Karen’s changes weren’t completely finished; Jon watched in amazement as his elven friend’s changes advanced past his own. Karen was… getting older? No longer was she Jon’s twin, but maybe an older sister. If he was in his late teens, or the Elven equivalent, Karen was in her mid 30s.

Still absolutely stunning, she put off an air of exquisite authority. Internally, Karen did not feel authoritative at all, but absolutely embarrassed. With her unwanted maturation, her absurd proportions had become even more ludicrous than Jon’s! How was she supposed to even walk around like this?

“I look like some stupid Elven milf fantasy…”

In contrast to Jon’s rather lewd costume, Karen at least had the pleasure of not looking like a complete stripper. Her baggy sweater-and-jean combo morphed into an near-impossibly elaborate dress that, quite frankly, looked more expensive than Jon’s house.

“Even when dressed presentably, must I wear something so… Open?” The dress, as finely crafted as it was, had quite the cleavage window. Karen felt ridiculous. And what’s with the way she talked? Her voice was similar in accent to Jon’s, but it came across as more dignified and regal; Karen didn’t just look like an Elven queen, she was acting like one.

Her new jewelry, somehow, came across as even more valuable than the dress. Rings and bracelets, and the crown, of course, adorned her new body, decorated with more jewels and metals than any person had any real right to own.

Finally, the shoes. Karen had, on occasion, worn high heels. She hated them. They were stupid and uncomfortable and she could walk so much faster in anything else. So when her favorite sneakers morphed into a pair of ridiculous heeled sandals, forcing her poor feet into a painfully arched position? She felt betrayed.

“At least I remain taller than you, Allaria.” God, Karen hated her new voice. It made her sound so condescending! She wanted to rub in the fact that she got taller, throw some humor into this awkward situation. But her new voice made it sound like some sort of dry insult, as if Karen somehow felt superior than him.

“Quite, mother. It would least seem that I am not the only one discontent with my new appearance.” Jon felt weird saying this. Sure, his mannerisms were already changed, but now that Karen was his mom (geez, he really hated thinking that), it felt like he was being made to act on Allaria's best behavior.

In the bodies of Princess Allaria and Queen Seraphina, the two friends realized they were stuck acting out this weirdly formal mother-daughter dynamic, and would be for the next week in some dumb fantasy world. They’d probably get to stay together, sure, but how will their adventure be affected, if they couldn't communicate casually?

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