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2. Lisa Turner Goes Yard Sale Sho

1. Altered Fates

Lisa Turner Goes Yard Sale Shopping

on 2010-12-09 15:39:26

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17-year old Lisa Turner browsed the contents of the yard sale. She had been doing it all day, going from one yard sale to the next, looking for bargains. Lisa was the type of girl who always went out of her way to look the best, but if she could buy something at one of these yard sales that was just as good as something from a store, she felt she should go for it. Saving money was always a good thing, especially if you didn't have a lot of it.

Usually she took her friends along on these trips, but they already had plans with their boyfriends. And the last thing a bunch of jocks wanted to do was go shopping, whether it was out here in a neighborhood or inside a Sears.

Lisa sighed, as she looked at the merchandise on the table in front of her. How come her friends could find the right guy but she was left out in the cold? She was only one of the hottest girls in school and a cheerleader. It just seemed like all the best guys were taken.

She grabbed a black box and opened it, and nearly cringed at the contents: an ugly old bronze medallion. Although, it might make a nice addition to a costume or something. Maybe for Halloween. She thought about it for a moment, then decided to buy it. But only for the costume idea. She wouldn't dare wear something this ugly to school or out with her friends. She put it back in its container, only vaguely noticing a small folded up note also inside, then took the whole thing to the payment table.

Then she moved on to the next yard sale, which was apparently just two blocks down. It would be her last stop before going home. As she walked there, she took the medallion out of the black case and put it on. "Ugh. This thing really is ugly. But, as part of a Halloween costume ..." She trailed off when she realized that she had already arrived at the next yard sale. She hoped she could actually find some good jewelry here. Out of all the yard sales she had gone to today, the only thing she got so far was this medallion.

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