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2. Amy's Story

1. Altered Fates

Amy's Story

avatar on 2010-11-10 06:21:30

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I was at a yard sale with my Mom, but I wasn't really very interested in shopping. The girls were coming over, and I wanted to do something special. I'm glad I noticed that pretty little box, though.

I bought the box for just two dollars, but the contents were the real treat. Inside was a cheap looking necklace, along with a note explaining how it worked.

It's called the Medallion of Zolu, and it changes people. This is what made the weekends with the girls so much fun.

The rest of the shopping trip was suddenly so much more exciting. I not only bought a new matching outfit for me, Tina, Lisa, Jen, and the new girls, Bobbi and Jessi, but I also picked up some extras to play with.

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