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6. The first day

5. "Dressing up"?

4. "Haunted" house (correct)

3. Home alone 2

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

First encounters

on 2008-09-10 18:38:15

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"What the..." exclaimed Jon, over the bumping sounds made by the dress behind the door "that thing only brushed me!"

He examined it to check the damage done. The dress was a mix of pink and white, with big, puffed sleeves on the shoulders and layers of petticoats lifting the short skirt, giving much more volume to it. It was definitely something that a little girl would wear.

Jon felt himself looking for the stone, but the dress didn't have any pockets or similar and with the rush getting the hell out of that room he didn't check if it was there or if he was carrying with him.

"Shit, I was hoping to be able to use it..." he said, looking at the door. The bumps had ceased, but he didn't dare to enter in the room again.

"When the wish ends the stone will come back to me..." he thought. He shrugged off and turned around.

He walked along the corridor, at the same time he yanked at the dress, trying to take it off, but as expected, it didn''t even move an inch. Giving up, Jon focused on the house. It was much larger than his original house and had a more grim appearance, but had some details that make obvious it was his, and a similar layout.

He approached a door and carefully put a hand at the handle, opening it a bit. Nothing happened and Jon breathe relieved. Determined, he opened the door and looked inside a bathroom, just like he thought. Not wanting to stay there for much longer, he closed the door and went to the next. After all, that was he made this wish, to explore a haunted house.

He examined nearly all the rooms in the second floor, finding all sorts of interesting and weird things, but nothing happened. He found a pink room with mirrors and a stand in the middle, another one with a small library, and even his family's. Zoe room was filled with all sort of bondage gear and Mickey was a room made for a baby girl. Just as he was going to open the one he thought belonged to his parents, the sound of a slamming door on the other end of the corridor startled him.

He ran there and stood in front of the door. It was one of the few he hadn't opened yet, and the prospect of something hiding there didn't encourage Jon to open it. Building up the courage, he got closer and opened it quickly. With a splashing sound, some orange liquid splashed just in front of the door, where Jon had his feet. Surprised, he jumped back, but most of the liquid had already fallen on his sneakers. A quick glance pass the door showed brown boxes piled up inside. Although not sure if it was safe, he focused on his shoes.

"Aaw... shit..." he cursed. The liquid was all over his sneakers, and he could feel the dampening inside them. He tried to take one of them in his hands to examine it, but he couldn't lift them off the ground and lose his balance, falling on his bottom. It was like the shoes were glued to the floor with the liquid, quickly becoming solid. Jon reached for his feet and pulled with his hands, managing to pull them off the shoes and socks included, but now he had another problem: the liquid was really sticky, just like some sort of resine, and now it was all over his hands.

He quickly got up and ran barefoot on the cold floor to the nearest bathroom, not paying much attention to anything inside. Jon turned on the water on the sink and placed both hands under the stream. Relieved, he saw the orange liquid quickly dissolve under the water, just seconds before the clear stream changed to a deep red colour. Shocked, Jon took his hands out, but it was too late and they were drenched in the red water. Quickly, he grabbed one of the towels and dried his hands trying to clean them up. The liquid didn't leave any stains on his skin but to Jon dismay his fingernails had taken the same deep red colour. Franticaly, he rubbed the towel on them, but it only made it worse because each rub not only didn't make the nails colour fade, but made them grow even longer each time. When he stopped, he was sporting one inch long fingernails that made his hands appear much daintier.

He frowned down at them. This certainly was going from bad to worse, he only had spent not much more than half an hour and he already had fallen on three "traps" and got changed twice. Defeated, he dropped the towel on the floor and went back where his sneakers were glued to the floor.

"The water seems to be a good solvent, perhaps I can still save them." thought Jon. He didn't saw anything useful to carry the water inside the bathroom, and he didn't want to try any of the drawers and cabinets there. Besides, he hadn't explored the first floor of the house.

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