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2. Magic Good Luck Charms

1. You Are What You Wish

Good luck charms

on 2019-12-19 05:54:14
Episode last modified by spud on 2019-12-19 06:27:20

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In the morning I ate Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast when a good idea for a wish hit me.
I rushed my breakfast and went back to my room grabbing the stone.

"I wish I had a box full of magic good luck charms. I wish that the charms will protect their holder from evil and make them more lucky in general." I said and a cartboard box labeled 'Magic charms' appeared infront of me. It looked slightly beat up, like something from a yard sale. I put the stone in my pocket for safe keeping, since on me is going to be the safest spot I could think of.

Inside the box were more than enough charms for my entire family and some of my friends. Jon decided to distribute them quickly, to protect them as soon as possible.

Dad had already left for work, so I could only give something to Mom, Zoey and Mikey for now. Mom would probably take one by herself if he gave her one, but there was no way Zoe would actually keep it around and Mikey is going to loose it in no time. Well, he got the stone to fix that. "I wish my family would accept any good luck charm I give them." Jon wished and smiled at his genius.

Now the only remaining question was who to give what charm.

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