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7. The Drive

6. an intresting morning

5. To wake up a "New Man"

4. Mom's shopping trip

3. a hair band

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Changed road trip

on 2010-04-30 18:16:18

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After breakfast the family put their bags in the car. Mom quickly explained the Transformation Board and then packed it in as well finally feeling good that she had a minivan instead of a compact car. JJ wanted her to transform into something else but she managed to evade it by explaining that she might need identification while they were driving and that even the hair was stretching it. After everyone was in the car Mom driving and Jenny up front and Jake behind her Mom started the van and they were off. Mom adjusted her mirror so she could keep an eye on Jake in the back who right now was trapped next to the huge piles of junk they had. There was no boredom in the car as both Jenny and Jake had something new to play with, though they didn't go to far knowing that Mom was watching.

"Oh both of you just strip to your underware we're in the car and I'm driving under the speed limit nobodies gonna see you." Mom said breaking the silence.

"What do you mean mom?" Jake asked.

"Oh come on you two have been staring at your new equipment the entire ride, and besides I want to be able to apreciate my handy work. I mean I have got to see you Jake with panties that perfectly fit you and the same with Jenny being the first women to have a working penis of her twin brother. Now stop being nervous cause you both need to get rid of all your nerves so heres a small exercise I'm not telling you to got naked just underwear." Mom explained.

After a moment of silence Jenny striped out of her pants. She had spent the ride thinking about the new thing inbetween. She tried to make it move and was suprised to see it twitch. Curious she thought about a room of hot guys and enjoyed watching a tent form in her boxers. She poked it and grabbed it and was suprised bye both feeling her hand grasp something and herself being grasped.

Wham all of the sudden she felt pain in her new crotch like none she had never experienced. "OW! OW! OW! my nuts!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah now you know how much it hurts when you hit me there. I guess you won't be just "messing" with that area anymore when its on me."Jake remarked

"Jake! Don't do that to your sister, but he's right Jenny maybe now you will respect certain parts of each other."Mom said. This vacation was off to a good start in her perspective.

Now that Jenny was distracted due to the new and severe pain Jake decided it was time to check his own equipment out. It was intresting to him that he could see the difference of skin tone on his bottom. He was tanner than his sister already and just seeing it showed where the transformation had stopped. Another thing was that he now had red pubic hair as well which was funny since his mom had his sisters hair on her head and he had it on his crotch. He poked into the hole and felt the sensation of his finger slightly going into his vagina. He stopped after that not wanting to catch the attention of his mom or sister. He decided instead to test how limber he was and found that he had gained that from his sister to as he lifted his leg almost over his head. After that he stopped and thought about his pussy. He felt the vibrations of the car affect it and just closed his eyes and concentrated on his vagina.

After two and a half hours on the road they finally made the turn down the mile path that led to the cabin. "Ok kids were almost there now when we get there the first and last things we do in these bodies will be to unpack the van. Then we're going to have our fun. We're going to lay out all the clothes then choose what to become and write it down on the TRANSFORMATION BOARD to keep track of when we can have the next change though right now it seems that what you become will be what you are until tomorrow. I have some activity ideas but its going to take a while for me to set them up so today do what you want but tomorrow some organized fun will happen. Until then the game today for what to become will be laid out by you kids."Mom said

"What do you mean mom?"Jake asked.

"Well I changed a big part of you guys yesterday so today you get to choose which piece of clothing to use for my transformation. Though I have another idea for cataloging the changes. I brought our camera and I think that we should take a picture of the new us and then when were done keep the picture with the clothing so we know from then on who we would become incase you ever develop a favorite. Anyway other than that I'll be ready in a second." She left and came back in a minute wearing nothing on top but a bra and the medallion.

"Mom! What are you doing halfway naked?" Jake said while covering his eyes.

"Oh stop it. I can't have anything touch the medallion other than what you and Jenny pick for me otherwise my hair will change back and the medallion will count that as a transformation and I'll have to wait another 12 hours. Now I'm gonna wait in here while you and your sister choose who I'm gonna be but make sure you don't touch the medallion unless you want to be me!" mom Joked.

"Well Jake what are we gonna make her?" Jenny asked as they sorted through the second hand clothes their mother had collected pausing every once and a while when they found something intresting.

"I don't know but lets keep her a girl though the question is what kind?"Jake pondered.

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