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5. To wake up a "New Man"

4. Mom's shopping trip

3. a hair band

2. A family of three

1. Altered Fates

Mom's mischief

on 2010-04-30 01:00:46

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With her idea in mind Mom placed the medallion around Jenny's neck. Then she touched Jake's boxers to the medallion and waited for the moment she would need to remove the medallion. Luckily for her she went to bed without covers but mom still had to lift up her pajama bottoms so she could see how the transformation was progressing. She watched her daughters panties as they slowly started to develop a bulge. When it stopped growing she removed the medallion and looked again at the noticeable bulge in her daughters pants. She couldn't believe how powerful this medallion was that it could give her daughter her sons penis. Then she rolled over giving her mother a scare but realized that she didn't wake up, which was good since mom didn't want her fun ending so soon. Though this did show her that Jenny's behind was definetly not female anymore. "Oh well just something else for her to cope with I guess." mom thought, "Now on to Jake." With that she placed the medallion around Jake's neck and touched a pair of his sisters panties to it. Once again she stared at her sons Groin as it receded into him and left its old location flat. She waited another minute just to make sure that the transformation was complete and removed the medallion. Jake was sleeping on his side so his mom was able to easily see that his Ass had a clearly feminine look to it. With that Mom took one more look then left to go pack her bags.

On her way she noticed the EXPO board that she had gotten free from the school when they had ordered extra and gave them away. The kids and her had used it for small notes or messages to each other but mom had a new idea. On the top she wrote Transformation Board and split it in two coloms. She labled them Family Member,and transform time. She them put in Mom-7:00 pm, Jenny-10:00pm, Jake-10:15pm. This board was going to be an easy way to remember when they transformed so they could easily change back the minute they could. After packing Mom made sure that the camera was ready for tomorrow and the summer of chaos that would ensue. With thoughts of the morning in her head she flipped her daughter's hair in front of her eyes and drifted to sleep.

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