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4. Bisexual Barista

3. One Month Trial

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Cute bisexual barista

on 2019-12-13 19:00:53

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Jon wanted to know what it would be like to live on his own, and to be able to date people with few consequences. He wanted a life where he could be an object of affection and attention, and to see what it was like to date as a girl.
He spent a moment putting his wish together in his head, then took a deep breath and rushed through it before he lost his nerve.

"I wish that I was a cute, 20-something bisexual female barista, who works in a cafe with a bunch of hot, single friends who are all open to dating me."

Jon gasped as he felt the changes wash over him. He shrank an inch, and then another and another, his face plumping and thinning in as it adjusted to his new identity

His hair stayed short and boyish, and his lips plumped out a bit, giving him a sexy moue, with a thick lower lip, perfect for kissing. His eyes grew slightly larger and winged eyeliner appeared around his lids. His ass grew and plumped up, as did his stomach, just a bit, giving him a distinctly feminine 'pooch' He felt a small pain in his tongue, and opened his mouth to find that it now sported a small stud. He giggled, then clapped his hands over his mouth as he heard his new voice. His hands shrank, his fingers thinning out, the nails painting themselves a shade of light blue just shy of turquoise.

His t-shirt rose up on his body, baring his midriff as it became a belly shirt bearing the legend "Critical Role," as his trousers, formerly baggy cargo pants, slimmed and became form-fititing skinny jeans, framing a large, plump ass, leading down to thick, juicy thighs.

His chest pushed out forming itself into a pair of b-cups, the nipples swelling into large, pale pink aereola as he would discover later. He held his breath as he waited for a bra to constrict the girls, but none came, leaving his nipples to tent the shirt over them.

Finally, his penis retracted into his body, leaving behind a cute little pussy with a small thatch of brown hair above it.

Jon looked into the mirror and gave herself a smile, and couldn't believe what a cutie she had become. Sure, a little more pear-shaped than she anticipated, but, as she turned and admired her new rear, and spied a thong rising just above the waist of her pants to hug her hips, she had to admit she wore it really, really well.

Jon, now Jen, looked around her bathroom, realizing it, too, had changed, from the spacious bathroom of a family home to the small, slightly cramped interior of one in a shared apartment.

She looked down at the stone, still in her hand. "I won't be needing you for a while. I wish that this stone would vanish until the month is over." And there it went, with a small "pop!"

Jen looked around at her new surroundings and new life. She couldn't wait to meet her new coworkers, biting her lip as she imagined what might meet her after a date or two.

"I think I'm going to like this a lot."

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