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2. Tattooist Elf

1. The Future of Gaming

Tattooist Elf

on 2002-04-23 03:16:29

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After thinking about all of the options that lay before me, I at last decided that I should try to create an avatar as much like myself as possible. Although being some dragon sounded interesting, I figure that being in a new world is difficult enough without also being in a new body. So, I create myself as an avatar.

Next, I need to select an occupation. Rogue, Knight, Blacksmith, none of these caught my eye, until I saw Tattooist. This character is a sort of wizard who can tattoo other characters and magically enchance them. Since I'm an aspiring artist in real life, and I've always been a fan of magic, this seemed like a good combination of art and magic. And being an elf adds to the magical feel of this character.

So is born Myron the Tattooist. I enter all of the information, and find myself suddenly transported to a brightly-lit room, dressed in green, holding bottles of ink and a sharp pen.

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