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9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

6. Opportunity Knocks for Mark

5. Was it Good for You?

4. Nothing is the First Choice

3. So many Choices

2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

on 2010-11-17 03:28:48

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"So how long before we can change back," Mark wondered out loud after they'd settled into a gorgeous room in Caesar's Palace.

"I think it's still another several hours. Why?"

"Damn! Uh, nothing. It'll be fine I'm sure."

"Well since we have a few hours to kill," Sally said as she softly stroked Mark's bare shoulder, "What would you like to do?"

Mark swallowed nervously, it was very confusing. Sally's touch felt positively delicious, but at the same time he was frightened that another man was so attractive, even if it was his wife who was the man. "Technically it wasn't 'another' man since he wasn't a man at the moment. It's perfectly natural to ... there's nothing natural about ..." the voices in his head argued.

"Earth to Mark?"

"Oh ... uh ... Let's go shopping," Mark blurted out.

"Typical," Sally laughed. "Only a few hours as a woman, and you want to go shopping. OK, we'll go shopping. This should be interesting."

"I'm putting the medallion in the room safe," Sally said. "Would you like me to help you change into something more comfortable before we go traipsing around in the bowels of this amazing place? I know those heels can get uncomfortable."

Mark's first thought was that he'd like nothing better, but if he started undressing now in the room, there was a good chance it would lead in a direction he did not want to think about. "Uh, no ... it's ... I was thinking we'd shop for you. For after we change back. Yeah! Uh heels will be ... uhh good. You know, outfits and stuff."

"Ooh Outfits. I know how much you like outfits, and this time you can model them for me."

'Way to think fast you Bozo,' Mark thought to himself as he quick stepped as fast as he could as Sally took his hand and hustled him out the door.

"Come on Mar... uh Sally! What's taking so long?" Sally had gotten Mark to try on and model three dresses so far, each one pushing the boundary a little farther than the previous one. This time it wasn't a dress.

"I am not coming out wearing this," Mark whined.

"Come on! You know the old saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Besides, you saw some of the showgirls walking around here. Come on, you know the rule: If you don't show it we don't buy it."

"It looks great on you, go ahead," The dressing room assistant urged.

Mark kept staring at himself in the mirror. Damn! He wanted this outfit! He wanted it on his wife, but he wanted it. "Damn damn damn!"

Sally caught her breath and suddenly had her own emergency as she jammed a hand in her trousers and desperately redirected her instant erection. Mark was ... he was ... he was edible!There was no other description as he stood there in a burgundy red satin boned corset that held his breasts up and out like an offering to the Gods. The top covered his nipples, but just barely. His bare skin showing from behind the black lace strings which snugged his waist down so small it had to measure in the mid teens. The base of the corset ended above his belly button leaving a delicious expanse of skin before encountering the tiniest excuse for panties she'd ever seen. The panty was little more than a shiny strip of satin ribbon border, just enough to hold the black garters. The garters spanned another gap of bare skin to mid thigh where they connected the sheer black stockings. The stockings in turn guided the eye down to the five inch fuck-me stilettos that completed the outfit and had Mark teetering precariously. He was an an Hors d'oeuvre waiting to be eaten.

"Oh god yes get that!" Before Sally could say more her phone, or rather Mark's phone but hers for now, rang. "Oh it's good to hear from you. ... No problem, I can be there in about fifteen minutes. See you shortly."

"What?" Mark asked, forgetting what he looked like in the moment of anxiety.

"That was the client. He wants to meet at some place called 'Shadows' here in Caesar's for drinks. We still have about an hour to go, what do we do."

"That's OK. You just need to stall him a while. That should be pretty easy at Shadows. I'll take the stuff we bought back to the room. When it's time, I'll change back then you slip out and I'll replace you."

By the time Mark had gotten peeled out of the sex fantasy outfit, redressed, paid for everything and headed back up to the room, his twelve hours was pretty close to expired. It was good to be properly dressed again, but he'd never thought that a short dress and four inch heels would seem sensible. He had just closed the room door behind him with a sigh of relief when the phone rang.

"Mark," Sally hissed. "We've got a problem. The client asked me about my wife so I told him how beautiful you were. Then he smiled wickedly and said that his wife was beautiful as well."

"I don't see the problem."

"I'm not sure exactly how it happened but somehow we agreed to have our respective wives meet us at some place called Little Darlings."

"What? When?" Mark shrieked.

"Oh crap, the cabs here. We're leaving now. I'm sorry Mark. I guess I'll come up with something to explain why you didn't show."

"Wait you can't ..." The connection went dead. Mark screamed in frustration and through the bags onto the bed. The biggest client of his now doomed career was about to get away and there was nothing he could do about it. Or was there? "Are you nuts, they're going to Little Darlings! I'm talking to myself and answering so clearly I am nuts. You cannot do this! I have to. You know this is a wife challenge? Yeah I know. You do know which of you would be the wife? Oh shut up and get on with it!"

Mark opened the box containing the last of the three dresses Sally had insisted he try. He found the bag with the 'extras' Sally had selected with a wink and placed the shrink wrapped oversized DD bra next to the dress, added the five inch fuck-me stilettos next to it and paused. "Tick-tock bud, are you in or out?" Kicking off his shoes, shimmying out of the dress he had on and stripping off his underclothes, Mark opened the safe and put on the medallion. Wearing nothing but the medallion, Mark crossed to the bed and carefully unwrapped the bra. Touching it to the medallion, Mark squeaked a little at the shock before tossing the bra back onto the bed and hurrying to the bathroom for a quick shower. "I hope this medallion doesn't mind me getting wet."

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