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2. Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind

1. Altered Fates

Sally, a bored-out-of-her-mind 29 year old Housewife

on 2010-02-01 15:10:29

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Sally strolled on up to the sale, after all, what else was there to do?. At 29 and 7 years of marriage to her husband Mark she had become BORED. Her average day consisted of waking up, getting dressed, preparing breakfast, watching her husband go to work, a little housework, then randomly roaming about. So dull.

Don't get me wrong, her husband was a very nice man but their lives were going no-where and only her love for Mark kept her chained to him. Sally was in good condition; long-blonde hair, a slim body, nice hips, firm 36C boobs and having had no children was in very good form.

She wandered up to the various piled items in desperate hope of finding SOMETHING to occupy her time, if only for the next ten minutes......

She approached the jewelrey section and after but a moments scanning, gasped aloud..............that medallion, it couldn't be......

Sally, in her ever-lasting boredom had read many random websites online, and none intersted her more than this supposedly ficticious item. She picked it up and smirked, there was a lot of online fiction about this, but one or two accounts seemed to describe it in the utmost detail, some even suggesting they would post videos of such transformations online, but were fearful of being identified. Some had, however posted pictures of the 'Medallion of Zulo' and it was from this that Sally had recognised said artifact.

Whilst trying to appear as composed as humanly possible, Sally paid for the item and hurried home. This was it! her godsend! with this her life need never be ordinary again. She should use it, but would she dare? what if she changed just as her husband Mark came home? no....a better idea would try it out on him!!

Mark came home sometime later, and was surprised beyond belief to find his wife layed across the couch, wearing only her bra and panties.

'Um....Sally...'? he asked
'Hello look well' She said, playing with her long, blonde hair
'Um, yeah, why are you.....dressed like that? or rather....undressed like that..?'
'Isn't it obvious, sweet husband? Your beloved wife is rather horny....'
'I see...' said Mark with a smirk.
'Now, hurry upstairs and I want you naked on that bed in 5 minutes, I have something I want to try'
'Well, I guess I can manage that' he replied and went upstairs.

Sally dug out the bag full of old clothes they had collected over the years, this was going to be incredible!!! She waited three minutes then ran upstairs with a giggle. She opened the door to the bedroom and found Mark laying on the bed, stark-naked and already getting an erection.

'Nice' she giggled, 'now, put on this necklace for me...?'
'Oh...sure?' he replied, agreeing but not quite sure what it was for
'Now, close your eyes' said Sally.

Mark complied and shut his eyes. Sally unleashed the contents of the bag all over the bedroom floor. She was giddy with delight, what should she use? this could be sexual or otherwise. So many clothes, she scanned the pile, amongst each item were limitless possibilites;

Now, what to pick?

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