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2. Remembering Saturday Night

1. The Drafting Board

Uniform Swap: Remembering Saturday Night

avatar on 2019-11-03 18:09:54
Episode last modified by Scarlett_Raven_2010 on 2019-11-04 03:47:18

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Tom woke up that Monday morning at the same time as he did every school day however this was no ordinary Monday. He got out of his bed and almost immediately his thoughts returned to the party he had attended on the Saturday before.

He slowly walked into the shower wondering why he had agreed to this anyway. On Saturday night he and a few of his friends had started on the age-old debate about which gender had it easier than the other. Very quickly it soon became boy’s vs girls. The group of six sat in the corner of the room of the house the party was being held in.

A few of the others at the party looked over at this group at first, they wondered what could be provoking such a heated debate. One or two of the other attendees ventured close to the gang of six and after a short time the moved away not wanting to get caught up in the discussion.

After a short while everyone else at the party was leaving the group on their own as word spread as to what they were talking about.

Tina the hostess of the party came over to them after a while. “Hi guys, I don’t want to be a pain, but everyone is leaving and…. “She never finished the sentence. “Oh, sorry Tina we did not realise it was so late.” Tom answered. “Yeah sorry” came the muted reply from the others. One by one they turned to notice that everyone else had indeed left and now it was only the six of them and Tina that was left standing there.

“What have all of you being talking about all night?” Tina asked being one of the few people who had been there that night who had not heard what was going on. “Oh, just the boys being stupid.” piped up a voice from just to her left. Tina turned to see a short brunette standing there. “What was that Jo?” she asked.

“The boys reckon we girls have it so easy.” Came Jo’s reply. “Yeah they were complaining that it was so hot at school the other day and we were lucky to be able to chose to wear a skirt that day.” A skinny blonde picked up the topic. This was Susan. She was Tom’s older sister by all of one year, but she never let him forget that he was her “baby brother”. “I mean we didn't have a choice it the same uniform we have to wear all year.” Came a new voice. This was Jody the athlete of the group. She had one a few medals at a few of the local meets and everyone thought she would become a professional athlete when she left school.

“All I said was that you had it lucky that day it was Tom who said it was easier for you girls.” Came the deeper voice of Joss. Joss was Jody’s boyfriend well most of the time anyway. After the discussion he wasn’t sure she would still agree with that description as he had not taken her side. Instead he had defended his gender.

“What about you Steve? Whose side were you on?” Tina asked the shy boy in the back of the group. Steve was Joss’s twin brother not that you would know it by looking at him. You have never met two twins that looked less alike. “I said the only way we would know for sure which uniform was the better without some kind of swap.” Steve replied quietly.

“What do you mean?” Tina asked the boy whose face was going red talking to the pretty girl. “Well for a full day at school a boy would wear the girls’ uniform and a girl to wear the boys’” Steve replied as he slowly moved behind his brother.

Tina stood there for a second marveling at the boys’ logic and at the same time watching the girls in the group nodding their heads in time to some silent piece of music. She is wondering why she had got involved in the discussion in the first place. Oh yeah, she was trying to politely ask the last of her guests to leave so she could go to bed.

“Yeah like that is going to ever be allowed at the school.” Tom told Steve as if he had said this a thousand times tonight. “What if it could Tom?” Tina asked the smug looking boy. “What do you mean?” he asked her in reply.

“Well my Mom is the deputy principle of your school.” She answered him Tina had a long time ago had the discussion with her mother about going to another school that she wasn’t teaching at. Tina had won and now went to a school a few miles away.

“If asked my Mom she might be able to work something out. For tonight guys I need to get some sleep I will ask her in the morning.” She said walking towards the door and opening it. One by one the gang of six walked out the door and apologized for stopping Tina from getting to bed.

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