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3. Games

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2005-10-16 23:22:24

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Jon twiddled the stone unable to decide what to wish for, he decided to give the stone a little freedom. 'I wish that something unpredictable yet sexually exciting would happen' The stone glowed.

For the rest of the day nothing happened. Jon wondered if the stone was a one-wish wonder. Until his Mom called him down. Jon entered the front room to see his mom, Mickey (his younger brother by about 4 years), Zoe (his younger sister by about 2 years), and Karyn all seated round the table with an odd-looking board game. The spaces on the board travelled in a spiral with a stack of cards in the middle. 's'going on? asked Jon. His mom answered 'we're all gonna try out this new board game, you can join us'.

Mickey looked a little bored, the others looked intrigued. Jon took his place at the table. 'Ok' said his mom about to explain the rules. We each take turns to roll the dice and move accordingly around the board, after each roll you pick up a card, the card will then either make something happen to you, or give you the ability to use the card on another player, the winner is the one who endures all the game throws at them and reaches the end of the board. Of course if anyone forfeits, anything that happens to them stays permanent'.

'What kind of stuff happens to you? asked Mickey. His mom picked up the rulebook and read them out

'Gender-swaps, shrinking, age-regression (though no younger than 5 or you can't roll the dice properly), orgasms, pregnancies (girls only),peeing yourself and a couple of other things, and remember, some cards will give you the option to use the effect on someone else'. Jon's Mom looked at the paper unconvinced. 'Ok,' she said 'who's first?'

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