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2. A couple living together

1. Altered Fates

me and my girlfriend

on 2009-06-28 15:44:11

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It wasn't long before my Gf bought this weird looking medallion. When i first saw it I thought that her taste is going from bad to even worse.
By the way my name is John and my GFs name is Silvia, I am near my 30s balding chubby enough and very tall, in short I ve seen better days, Silvia Is a 27 years old petite brunette with the body of a true perfection. I always wondered what could she ever wanted with me, I wasn't Rich or anything.
Anyway back to our story She seemed kind of certain that she wanted, so I couldn't say anything, when we went home we had a nice dinner and she started browsing through the net about this medallion to see if it was some kind of rare piece of jewelry that could be sold for thousands of dollars.

I thought of it as a worthless piece of junk and found the whole precess silly so I went directly in bed. Kissing her goodnight, nothing could ever had prepared me of what would happen next.

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