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2. A young man.

1. Altered Fates

A young man named Daniel.

on 2009-05-25 00:26:27

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Daniel was 21 and just starting to figure out what life was all about.
Daniel wasn't the best looking guy, but wasn't unattractive.
He was a little overweight but hid it well and was actively involved in local sports. He played basketball every weekend and softball in the summer.
He was 6'1" and weighed 260lbs. He was just your average joe; really the nice guy type.
One day he was driving his car down some street he never went down; but for some reason thought he would today.
He saw a crowd of people and decided to pull over and see what was going on.(Daniel was always the curious type)
When he stepped out of the car and walked into the crowd he noticed that it was a small yard sale.
You know the kind nothing real interesting.
Any way he figured since he's already out of the car he might as well have a look around. He noticed that they had some sports cards and even though he didn't collect them his mom liked Jeff Gordon.
So he thought he'd look through them and maybe find a card for his mom's birthday coming up. A few minutes of browsing and not finding anything, he decided well might as well leave.
That's when he noticed a cheap looking medallion in an open box. His mom also liked antiques and it did look old.
He thought it ma be an old movie prop or something.
So since he was a procrastinator and didn't have a gift and his moms birthday was only a week away. He decided he'd just buy this medallion.
Of course he'd try to shine it up a little bit before giving it to his mom.
He took the small box and the medallion to the lady that appeared to be the one taking the money.
He asked how much it was and she looked at him curiously and replied I don't know what that was so I'll only charge $2.
Daniel payed the lady and got back in his car, and drove home.

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