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2. Human Alteration App

1. The Drafting Board

Human Alteration App

avatar on 2019-10-26 08:42:40

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Alex slumped down into a seat in the backroom of the store. It was finally break time after a hectic morning and the poor retail worker was coming up on the end of a twelve hour shift and the fifteen minute break was a godsend. They hated retail, but a bachelor's degree with no experience made it hard to find any other job, so they were stuck here for the moment. The customer rush was finally over and it looked like the rest of the day was going to be smooth sailing.

Still, Alex was in need a break and after sitting for a few moments with their eyes closed, the pulled out their phone.

Something was off.

The lock screen on their phone was set to display notifications and the only notification there was for the installation of a new app.

The "Human Alteration App."

Alex opened the lock screen and looked at the new icon on the home screen. It had a strange opalescent color that Alex couldn't quite place. It depicted a generic human shape with a variety of strange shapes around it that were too small to discern.

Alex considered it for a moment. A strange app appearing on their phone was cause for concern, but they hadn't been to any suspicion websites lately and the app was installed through the OS store, so it seemed legit. Just to be sure, Alex opened up the OS store and searched for the app. Sure enough, there it was, and the creator had even been verified by the store, though the app had only 1 download marked and zero reviews.

Knowing full well that this was a bad decision, Alex let curiosity get the better of them and opened the App.

Their phone lagged slightly as the app booted up for the first time and Alex felt a small pang of regret in their stomach as the fear of viruses and identity theft kicked in. At the same time, the air around Alex seemed to lag, the entire world halting and chugging for a few moments. Alex sneezed.

When everything started to move at a normal pace again, the app revealed itself to be utilitarian. Fancy icon aside, the UI was purely functional. A grey background and the defaults for all of the icons and bars.

A small bit of text at the top of the app asked Alex to take or upload a photograph of a subject or to open up a list and select a subject from there. There was also an option at the bottom that read "Incognito Mode."

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